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Roseburg's Newest Resident

Congratulations to me! I moved today. Out of the intern house, and into my very own, 1.5 bedroom, 1 bath apartment. YAY!! The search is over! 510 more words

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On the side note...

And also I got such a lovely comment on my deviantART profile, that I just have to share it:

“This is the preettiest Hesperocyon I’ve ever seen. 213 more words

Fun Fact Friday

Greetings Blogosphere! It’s Fun Fact Friday!


- A hippo can hold it’s breath for up to 15 minutes?

- Male fallow deer in rut make a belching sound to impress the ladies? 336 more words

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Ungulates Gnawing: Osteophagia & Bone Modifications

Osteophagia: Osteophagia is the act of ungulates (including giraffes, camels, cattle, etc.) chewing on another species skeletal remains to gain nutrition (particularly minerals such as phosphorus and calcium) that may be lacking in other parts of their largely vegetarian diets.   831 more words


When life hands you lemons...

…are you allowed to throw them back and demand peaches???

I should really just stop making promises. To make up for my lack of posting this past week….. 299 more words

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Any closer, you'd be lunch!

Since I seem to forget about the important details that people want to know about… Here’s just a little more about D/T…

Yes, we do have binoculars, and yes we can get out of the trucks to see in the creeks. 428 more words

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Look, there's one! ... Nope, that's a dog!

Incase you missed it from the comments on last week’s post, I’m here to address the question of how to tell the difference between subspecies of Giraffe. 629 more words

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