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Secrets to a Happy Military Marriage

By: Elizabeth Snell, Military Spouses of Strength (MSoS) Founder

“Good relationships don’t just happen. They take time, patience, and two people who truly want to be together.”- unknown… 731 more words

Dear Unhappy Marriage

Dear: My Husband Doesn’t Make Me Feel Safe,

As women, we want to feel safe and protected. In intimate relationships, like a marriage, we want to be able to actually be intimate; along with being vulnerable and to just be known by the other person. 693 more words

Hurting Marriage

Friday Flash Fiction

Karl and Eleanor

Karl used to joke he’d married her because of her skill with a floormop and duster. He’d say it in company, not caring how he sounded, braying with laughter like a common longshoreman; he’d say it in her hearing, usually with a wink in her direction and a glass in hand. 857 more words

Writing News

Dear Unhappy Marriage

Dear: I am Deciding to Give Up on My Marriage and Leave,

I know your mind is completely made up. You are done. You have hit your breaking point. 610 more words

Hurting Marriage


How to deal with stress?

Sometimes you feel as if all the world’s problem are upon your head. Pending assignment, unemployment, dwindling finance, unhappy marriage, so on and so forth. 127 more words

Random Thoughts.

Caught In A Trap

The day we got married, it rained. Not a light drizzle either, but a heavy, thudding torrential downpour that pounded mercilessly on the windows of my parents small bungalow. 519 more words