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A Trio of Awkwardness: January, February, March

Once I was over the shock of seeing Nancy back at the yoga studio, I realized that this could not be healthy. Perhaps this was her way of getting me back, some other motive. 355 more words

Late-January 2014 | A Surprising Return

The last time Nancy and I spoke, it was clear that we were over. And I made it abundantly clear that I would not see or contact her again. 218 more words

November 2013 | Broadway Lights Go Dark, Nancy's Distance, Uninvited Party

Following Dave’s apology to his daughter from his violent episode that prompted Nancy and Lana to flee their home, all seemed well at the homestead. The calendar was quickly approaching November 11th, the date printed on our tickets to the Broadway show that Nancy wanted to see. 329 more words

Change of pace

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This post is a bit different from my normal style.

This is for all you (unhappily) married ladies out there who are in love with an (unhappily) married man. 429 more words


October 2013 | Enabling Dave

During an early morning phone call, Nancy mentioned that Dave wanted to pursue a master’s degree. Why is this significant?

Well, this was a turning point in my and Nancy’s relationship. 432 more words

October 2013 | Playing House: Part 2

Saturday morning was spent running errands together as a “family.” We stopped at a chain convenience store to purchase pull-up diapers. There I was, scanning shelves amidst a vast array of squeezy, soft diapers, as I held Lana’s hand. 361 more words

October 2013 | Playing House: Part 1

By late October, colored leaves descended to the cold ground and every lawn in our cities, which were a mere 15 minutes apart, were decorated in that fashion. 671 more words