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Last night I had a run-in with our boss. It should have been nothing but she made me feel so small and uncomfortable that we are now seriously debating leaving here and moving on. 505 more words


false hope.......

after being sick & tired of my job and spending any free time that I wasn’t at the gym filling out applications I got offered a job! 280 more words

Weighted Long Enough

I see this sign, every time I drive North through Owasso. It’s for a weight loss clinic and it says “Weighted long enough?”. Well yes, I believe I have, but honestly, what am I capable of doing about it? 555 more words


Real life isn't Really easy

Take Our PollStop and think for a minute the number of days you have gone without being stressed, getting in an argument, having an unexpected problem, health issue or just a good ole fashion bad day. 494 more words


Still a Work in Progress

I’d say that my main motto in life right now is “I’m a work in progress”, as it is the phrase that sums up where I am and what I’m going through. 194 more words

My Thoughts...

Smell and Epilepsy

When people think of epilepsy, they think of strobe lights as the primary triggers. I’ve talked many times (mainly in my Random Movie Reviews) about how flashing lights do not affect me quite as much as other people. 172 more words


I feel...

1. Empty*

2. Dejected*

3. Bored*

4. Unhappy*

5. Lonely*

6. Desperate*

7. Hurt*

8. Pensive*

9. Apprehensive*

10. Annoyed*




*Things will get better.