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UN Refugee Chief & Special Envoy, Angelina Jolie, Warn of Mounting Crisis in Mediterranean

Angelina Jolie: “There is a direct link between the conflicts in Syria & elsewhere & the rise in deaths at sea in the Mediterranean. We have to understand what drives people to take the fearful step of risking their children’s lives on crowded, unsafe vessels; it is the overwhelming desire to find refuge.” 11 more words

International Literacy Day

Literacy is one of the most important keys to sustainable development. It is a fundamental human right and should reach everyone on this earth to improve people’s standards of living. 213 more words


New Year, portable water- How we spent our Ethiopian New year holiday

By Simon Odong

Kule Refugee Camp, Gambella, September 11, 2014- While the Americans were commemorating the 13th anniversary of 9/11 attack  on the world trade centre, the Ethiopians celebrated their 2007 new year day, we were with the South Sudanese Refugees in Kule settlement camp turning swamp water into safe drinking (portable) water. 481 more words


RSDwatch states: 'UNHCR is once again the world’s largest RSD adjudicator'

Michael Kagan has dissected and analysed the numbers on UNHCR refugee status determination and came up with not only interesting figures, but also a nice analogy with McDonalds… 179 more words


UNHCR announces 2014 Nansen Refugee Award winner

The 2014 winner of UNHCR’s Nansen Refugee Award is the Colombian women’s rights group, Red Mariposas de Alas Nuevas Construyendo Futuro – or Butterflies with New Wings Building a Future (Butterflies), whose members risk their lives to help survivors of forced displacement and sexual abuse.  161 more words


New UN human rights chief criticises Australia's asylum seeker policy, Scott Morrison rejects allegations

September 11, 2014

A senior United Nations official has criticised Australia’s asylum seeker policy, saying it has lead to a “chain of human rights violations”. 410 more words

Human Rights And Refugee Activists

Persecuted Global Refugees: No Place To Call Home

The official estimate for the number of refugees globally passes the 50 million mark for the first time since World War II. According to UNHCR reports, over half of this figure belongs to refugee children. 757 more words