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Are You or Someone You Know a Victim of Domestic Violence? October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Your girlfriend wants to know who you have been talking to, your boyfriend texts you repeatedly to see where you are or to stay in touch, your partner uses words to put you down, your spouse or partner hits and kicks you or you find yourself being stalked by a partner from your past. 433 more words

Healthy Relationships

My All Time FAVORITE Song

In case y’all did not know, I LOVE country music. It was my go to through a break up. I could relate to every song all of a sudden and everything felt so soulful which is normal I guess when your an emotional song. 290 more words


Եհҽ ՏҽҽʍíղցӀվ ҽղժӀҽՏՏ ӀíՏԵ օƒ ҍɑժ ҍօվƒɾíҽղժՏ #1💔

An introduction to the men I have loved (or thought I loved, or wanted to love).
I honestly don’t know if I have ever really loved someone or not. 1,105 more words

Bad Boyfriend

Do You Ever Get Angry With Yourself?

Have you ever gotten angry at yourself because you forgot to put your cell phone in your purse? Or you made a scratch with your key on  your car door, and thought, “How could I be so careless?” 250 more words


October Book Review: Why Does He Do That: Inside the Minds of Controlling Men

This month we become aware of what occurs behind closed doors that is rampant in our society: domestic violence. October, the month of pumpkin lattes and autumn-rich colors, is also deemed… 595 more words

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Upcoming Blog Series

You do not fully understand the impact a situation can have until you are within it.  I was reminded of this when a client I have been working with was faced with an experience that offered them to not only see what we had been talking about but also utilize the tools and skills that we have been working on. 233 more words

How far should you care ?

Oftentimes, I like to keep my thoughts and opinions on ‘love‘ to myself. Because, well, it seems sensible to stay away from that kind of drama, if you know what I mean. 574 more words

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