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Intentional relationships

An old man was sitting outside the city gates. A traveler about to enter the city struck up a conversation and asked him, “What kind of people live in this city?” The old man responded, “What were the people like in the place from which you came?” 1,045 more words


She was green.
Green like moss, emerald, pine needles,
a step into a darkened forest with pure brown eyes
opening up like caves in the walls, taking me in, 127 more words


Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships

I am pretty young and still immature, but I’ve been into 3 relationships now and believe it or not I learned a few things from them. 999 more words


My Mother and Her Husband

Are not the smartest people in the world when it comes to certain things. One of those things being, thinking things through. Maybe if they realized that when they get a dog I’m the one who takes care of it , walks it, feeds it and makes sure it has water etc. 506 more words

Black Girl

"I Hate Seeing Your Hips, They've Got So Big Again."

The moment you pick me up from the train station, your eyes flicker down. “You’ve put on weight again,” you say, staring straight ahead. You turn a corner and I look down at my knees. 593 more words

a marriage by ring only

There will be no marriage.

I cannot accept the ring
You handcrafted so cunningly.

The pure romance of the gesture
Has been consumed by the… 42 more words