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Open Relationships - "On A Break"

I was watching a talk show, and the subject was, “Open Relationships.” I tried to listen with an open mind, but the more justifications I heard from the Sex Expert, 493 more words

Sex & Intimacy

I overdosed twice when I really knew you

We sat on my couch and the words you cut me with bleed and linger

Sitting across from each other the pain floated with the carbonated bubbles… 15 more words

Prayer for Anxiety Asks: How Do I Deal With Toxic People?

We all have these kinds of people in our lives at one time or another. It’s someone that makes life unbearable. Sadly, this person is often a family member or a close friend.

Treatment Of Anxiety

When abuse becomes comedic relief [TW: emotional abuse, mental ableism]

I am a twentysomething interning in a well-known global company. At lunch I often sit with my fellow interns, a group of soon-to-be college graduates. I would like to believe that people my age are smart, capable, and decent human beings, especially ones that have the grades and skills needed to secure a job at a great company. 847 more words

FSOG: Chapter 16 Review is up!

I finally finished it. I cannot stress the trigger warning on this chapter enough. Christian beats and rapes Ana. It’s extremely violent and upsetting. None of the events in this chapter are explained by BDSM. 68 more words


I am my own

I am My Own

I no longer belong to you

I am My Own

I am no longer at your beck and call

to use whenever you see fit… 137 more words

Dear Past Love


We were something beautiful. God, how we were beautiful.
Something words could not even come close to describing, something people were envious of.
But that was just the outside, that was just this mask we put on for the world to see. 1,094 more words