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Do You Ever Get Angry With Yourself?

Have you ever gotten angry at yourself because you forgot to put your cell phone in your purse? Or you made a scratch with your key on  your car door, and thought, “How could I be so careless?” 250 more words


October Book Review: Why Does He Do That: Inside the Minds of Controlling Men

This month we become aware of what occurs behind closed doors that is rampant in our society: domestic violence. October, the month of pumpkin lattes and autumn-rich colors, is also deemed… 595 more words

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You do not fully understand the impact a situation can have until you are within it.  I was reminded of this when a client I have been working with was faced with an experience that offered them to not only see what we had been talking about but also utilize the tools and skills that we have been working on. 233 more words

How far should you care ?

Oftentimes, I like to keep my thoughts and opinions on ‘love‘ to myself. Because, well, it seems sensible to stay away from that kind of drama, if you know what I mean. 574 more words

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Give Up

It amazes me the people we allow to come into our lives. They influence our behavior more than we are willing to admit. I enjoy teaching people how to let go of unhealthy relationships. 372 more words

Quality Of Life

Are We Grooming Our Black Sons & Daughters For Marriage?

As a culture,  we don’t groom our children for family and marriage. Just because marriage may not have worked out for you, or you never walked down the aisle, doesn’t mean you taint the views of marriage to your children. 600 more words

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Self Imposed Man Ban

One of my friends recently accused me of jumping from guy to guy simply when the next best thing came along, despite the fact I knew the guy was bad for me, I’d just stick it out, out of fear of being alone… I didn’t take this accusation well. 292 more words