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Don't Mind if I do...


This and many other articles, psychiatric medical journals and blogs have been helping me to understand more about Alex and the dynamic of the relationship we had…the dynamic that he will have with every romantic relationship, until or unless he gets real with himself, gets into some therapy and really wishes to make a change for himself. 332 more words

Getting Unstuck

Imagine with me, this scenario.  You’re living in Colorado.  It is a beautiful Fall day.  The temperature is 70 degrees without a cloud in the sky, so you decide to take a drive to the mountains. 1,064 more words

Getting Out Of A Job You Hate

Why Smart People Accept Unacceptable Behavior

SOURCE:  Dr. John Townsend/Beyond Boundaries

When I (Dr. Townsend) guide people through a process of examining a previous difficult relationship, the one question I have found most helpful is this: What was the “payoff” in your choice? 733 more words

Healthy Living

Letting go...my way.

What part of “I am not deleting ANY of our stuff” are a few of you not hearing or getting?  I am sentimental.  I experienced my first “magical” and whimsical love.  458 more words

Major Edits to Ch. 16

Good very early morning everyone! I decided to heavily edit my commentary on chapter 16. It’s enough that I think there may be value in rereading. 38 more words




“It’s okay, I love you.”


Then, wood floors.

Taste it.

“It’s okay, I love you.”

Knuckles white.

Nails that bite.

Breathing stops.

“It’s okay, I love you.” 30 more words

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