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Charm uncaptured by camera
An ease and air of assurance
A vulnerable pout and contagious smile
Can make anyone laugh or cry
Indifferent to either outcome… 60 more words


Ten Habits That Will Break the Cycle of Abuse

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1. Keep a Journal.

Don’t know where you stand with your partner? One minute they love you and insist on a holiday gathering to meet their parents and then two days later they disappear only to surface at a bar where they act like they barely know you. 1,574 more words


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Equals Signs

All the times I looked into your eyes.
My heart filled, my soul warmed by your returned gaze.
I now question every one of those moments. 244 more words

Unhealthy Relationships

4 Year Anniversary, Conversation With My Daughter

The conversation I had with my 10 year old daughter.

“Do you know what Monday is?” (mom)

“No” (daughter)

“4 Years since I have had pain”  47 more words

Five Unacceptable Explanations of Abuse

1.  My job that supports your way of life is stressful and my boss is a jerk.

Everything I do is for you and the family but my boss is out to get me and the stress from him and my competition is unbearable.  834 more words


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