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The Evolution of Abuse

Losing Your Potential

You have seen my descent, now watch my rising



Where are we going wrong?

Unhealthy relationships have continued to exist despite the fact that we have always tried to avoid the path. Nobody wants an unhealthy relationship and sometimes I find it hard to know why they do exist since nobody has ever willingly decided to be part of an unhealthy relationship. 483 more words


“It scares me how fast I go from disliking to loving him, and I wonder if it’s this way for everyone.”
-Melissa Band, The Girl’s Guide To Hunting And Fishing


Wasted time
Luxury in the making
Time is too arrogant for any of us
My reads have become too few
Forgetting me
Leaving rooms unattended in order to conserve the pleasures of It… 169 more words


Relationships: Healthy Vs. Unhealthy

Relationships,  are essential and the catalyst for a whole fulfilled life. Whether it be a friendship, family, or a lover; relationships must be worked at and nurtured. 233 more words

Loving Others

Unhealthy Relationships: A Primer

I just want my readers to look at this chart (I mean, I can’t force you, but please please have a look?) and consider everything we’ve learned about Ana and Christian so far.

Source: University of Wisconsin