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Morning Leaders - Still Limping

Morning Leaders. Some of us are limping (emotionally, mentally, spiritually) and WE DONT EVEN KNOWN IT. Others see our Leadership and discern our limping, and we ignore their cries for assistance by labeling it CRITICISM. 20 more words


National Parks | National Parks Traveler

National Parks | National Parks Traveler.

Fish In National Parks From Alaska To Colorado Have Unhealthy Mercury Levels

This is a sad story in so many ways, but on one side i am glad that people do this work and inform people of their finding, but to think that the levels in such great locations are this high, and fish feed so many things from other animals to humans. 37 more words

The World As I See It As A Camper And Who Loves His Country


Anywhere, USA–(Rooters) An unofficial report has been leaked revealing that after studying human interaction for generations, most conflicts started from one thing: the eyeroll.  Yes, in private homes, cafes, and even workplaces across America, emotional sensor cameras have picked up elevated levels of annoyance, hate, and envy–even when not verbalized. 1,166 more words

First Post (cliche, I know)

Hi Guys! If you follow me on Instagram (emilystone19-in case you want to follow), Facebook, or Twitter you know by now that I fill everyone’s timelines with food pics. 317 more words



3 things that made me smile:

  1. Seeing my english prof and being praised on improvements throughout the course
  2. Seeing my doggy sparkles
  3. Eating food with the boyfriend and friend

No Pain, No Gain.....

……..truer words have never been spoken!

Before I broke my wrist in February, I was all set to join the gym.  I was tired of being tired.   241 more words

Health Issues And My Child