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People say that you should live now, don't wait until you lose weight.....well here are some places where fat women have to lose weight first to live.


Maybe there is a fat woman in the back washing grease from plates and hands pruning up due to all the water (side note if you been a dish washer for years your nails turn naturally gothic black and no its not cute). 961 more words

A Little Rant Before My Morning Coffee

Teens Love Brandy Melville, A Fashion Brand That Sells Only One Tiny Size

As a camp counselor to teenage girls whose wardrobe consists of a good amount of Brandy Melville items and a gal who shops at the store herself, I found this article very… 400 more words

Strange Food Saturday: Honolulu

Found in the grocery store here in Honolulu: spam macadamia nuts. Oh-so-Hawaii and oh-so-wtf? How is this a “classic flavor”?


A Non-New Years Resolution

Every New Years Eve, I make several lofty resolutions for myself. I promise to be a better daughter, a kinder friend or a more productive human being.   429 more words


Well todays the day. Wish me luck.

Well today’s the day I start keeping track of points on myblogmyheath.wordpress.com.

The difference between today, and my other weight loss strategies, is this one is not about weight.   281 more words

Dinner, dining and diets

Some of you might remember my somewhat quiet foray into changing my body and lifestyle some months ago. First, an update. I didn’t lose any addition weight from that point on. 619 more words