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"The Pornographication of Fitness Needs to Stop" by Tosca Reno, via Huffington Post


This is an absolute, 1000% MUST read.

As of late, I’ve been downright annoyed, irritated, embarrassed and turned off by the world of fitness. And here, Tosca Reno, hits every nail on the head as to why.


Clean Eating

I’m not the healthiest person in the world, I admit it. The only reason I’m skinny is because of my fast metabolism. I snack throughout the day, but it’s nothing healthy. 108 more words

I Have Lost My Routine!

How do you sustain some kind of “normalcy” when you have no routine?  I’m struggling a lot at the moment because my shifts at work are changing so much.   539 more words

The 15 Most Unhealthy Foods

Let’s face it – we know which foods are bad for us. And yet they can still seem pretty tempting. Well maybe if you knew why they’re really so unhealthy you’d think twice before having that treat. 1,060 more words

Cold Turkey

Seductive temptress,
eliciting a lust, an inherent want,
for things merely dreamed of,
beckoning like a smile,
or sway of curved hips,
promising delights untold, 90 more words


I heard someone say that it’s easy to lose weight if you imagine what you will look like skinny because you will work harder to get there. 303 more words

We SAID: You Are what you Eat

By Staff Writer

Ask yourself:

Are all calories created equal?

Is obesity the result of an imbalance of calories in/energy out?

Are YOU what you eat?

Educate yourself: