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The Best of Freshers

I’m about to start the third year of my course but, despite that, I haven’t yet attended a single Freshers event at UCB. Both years I’ve been out of the country and not back until lectures start. 499 more words


You're never 'just' anything.

A childhood hero of mine once asked me what I was doing in the newsroom she was in. Her presenting counterpart pricked up his ears, as I said, “Oh, I’m just an intern.” In his delicious newsman voice, he said, “You’re never ‘ 106 more words


How I Ended Up Here

August 2014 marks 10 years since I received my A-level results. Might seem surprising then that I’m only just about to start the 3rd year of my degree, but this post will explain how I ended up here… 548 more words


oh oh.

I was accepted at Uni. You think ‘HELL YES’ but I’m more like… oh no. This wasn’t my first choice and not even plan B. It’s not something I wanna do later. 159 more words


Another day another dollar.

More shifts = more money. True enough. Although the patience that it takes to deal with the public is extraordinary! I work in a small cafe in the heart of a big city and one thing I didn’t think about when applying for the job was how rude people can be ! 137 more words


How to Stop Worrying and Start Living

I decided to start reading How to Stop Worrying and Start Living. A self-help book about stress management by Dale Carnegie. Maybe that will help me to make my life work.  219 more words


messed it up

So I didn’t go to the Uni test today. Once again I just didn’t let myself do something. I hate myself for this and I literally feel like shit. 174 more words