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10 types of flat mates you’ll live with at uni……

1.The Party Animal……

Out all of the time, their social calendar are full and their livers are begging them for a night in.

2.The jokester……… 222 more words


same old same old

last term was great with all the drama, new starts and stuff but all that’s past and now its just the case of “same old same old” for me it seems anyway. 207 more words


An Unhealthy Addicton

I have an obsession. An addiction to achievement. The capitalised A next to my work gives me a high I struggle to find anywhere else. Yet I’m still not happy. 284 more words


Essay Writing

Simple fact: my uni course involves an awful lot of writing.

So incase any one is interested I’ve written a little piece on how I cope with this, especially after the three essays I’ve done over the festive period. 618 more words



I cannot explain the relief I feel that this week is over! I did my usual day job on Monday and Tuesday, then spent Wednesday revising in the library, and had exams on Thursday and today. 357 more words


Life in a haze: recovering from depression.

A bit of a sombre post today. I started this blog because I wanted to tell my story.Who doesn’t? We live and breathe stories.From our first moments we have them told to us, the books we read are nearly all stories and we gossip or recall memories with our friends. 899 more words



- I’m just lying here, everything is packed up, ready to go home. I’m just lying here in bed, trying to settle down, you know I keep thinking, ‘F**k, what the hell am I gonna do, you know’.

235 more words