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McIntyre House

It’s been a few weeks now since the semester started, and although I’m based at McIntyre House for all my classes, I still feel like there’s loads I haven’t yet discovered – there’s so much to take in. 536 more words


Pressin' Letters

I haven’t been in the print room since last year. My uni projects just haven’t called for it and with the amount of work we’ve had I haven’t had time to go in for the fun of it. 51 more words

Graphic Design

So It's My Final Year at Uni. Help?!

It’s official, I am now in my third and final year at Southampton Solent University. Scared is not the word. Nor excited. To be honest, I don’t really know what to think at all. 464 more words


Trials and tribulations of university

This, right here, is the oven I have the unfortunate pleasure of enduring for the next year. Let me tell you right now: me and this seemingly pleasant kitchen appliance do not get on. 236 more words


Sensing an Ending

As the bells of the churchyard rang out across the town, Tristan made his way up the driveway to the front entrance of the estate. He’d never been here at night before. 1,245 more words

Creative Writing

Growing up

So this is real. I am at uni; a real uni, on a real course, starting a real life. Not that my life before was fake, it was purely more structured. 85 more words


Week 3 Day 4: So much more excitement than I really bargained for

As we all know (?) I do an orchestra in London, and it’d be something of an understatement to say I enjoy it. Our last concert, just as a completely random example, was a film music concert except for the part where I played… 668 more words