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- I’m just lying here, everything is packed up, ready to go home. I’m just lying here in bed, trying to settle down, you know I keep thinking, ‘F**k, what the hell am I gonna do, you know’.

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So sorry for no posts!

Sorry guys! I’ve been super super busy with assignments this week, however i finally finished uni for christmas yesterday and I’m gonna be posting lots of new stuff right now!☺️


To Do

There is something oh so very comforting about a list for me. I’m not sure when I first started making them, but I can’t imagine living without them now. 361 more words


Oral Presentation

So today I thought I would write about the Oral Presentation I had to do at Uni last Friday. The presentation was the first piece of assessed work for this year and the first piece of work that would actually count towards our final degree classification. 425 more words


1st term of University

I cant believe that 1/9 of uni is over! where has it gone? overall it’s been a blast, some really good times with some amazing people, there has been lows where I just didn’t want to do anything or talk to anyone, which is impossible when I share a room. 301 more words


It's that time of year...

…and I mean exams, not Christmas :(

As much as I’d love to just kick back and relax through the Christmas holidays, I have two exams in January. 510 more words

Student Life

Seven cardinal rules for uni

You will only get out of your work, what you put into it. Don’t expect to be lazy in uni and get away with it. One reason: deadlines. 349 more words