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Day after initiation

Yesterday was mine, and all the other fresh cheerleaders’s, initiation to the cheer team. Not so few parts of my body hurt today. We had to to a whole lot of physical activities both as a part of the “hazing” and as punishments if the cheer captains weren’t happy with our performance in the challenges we had to do. 256 more words


Gifts From Home

I came home from my first lecture of the day to a rather large package. Last week I had asked my Mum to send me up a few things that I needed from home, but to my surprise there was a lot more than I was expecting in the parcel. 233 more words


The Sad Reality of Rhino Poaching

I was going to blog about ‘Fishy TV Programmes’ today, however, i feel that this is more important so that will come tomorrow.

As i said previously, I was lucky enough to spend two weeks at a private reserve in South Africa. 346 more words

Animal Behaviour Science And Welfare

Eat sleep rave repeat~

Had the best weekend ever since I got to the UK – am still reeling from the experience. Everything just went so perfectly. Slightly more than a month ago, I was still questioning my decision of choosing to be so far away from home for the next 3 years (more on this point in another post), but this weekend just proved that there is way more in life to experience – Somehow, things just fall right into place and being thousand of miles away from all things familiar can very much still feel like home. 73 more words

10 Things a fresher should know to get them through the whole year

So actual freshers is over and all the newbies must be settling into their new life at their Uni’s/College. Now I know there have been many lists and survival guides for freshers to get through freshers. 1,163 more words


Fall morning's

Good morning

Cheer last night felt so great. turned out it wasn’t the last try out day, thats next week, but I finally got the cradle right (its when the flyer, me, is in standing in the air and is pushed upwards to then fall backwards, I’m terrible bad at explaining it but maybe someday I’ll have a video to show. 357 more words