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Pride is key

I’ve been studying at university for almost two months now and I’ve just submitted my first summative essay, and let me tell you-  it was hell. 272 more words

Roaring 20s for a night!

As an aspiring actress I’ve dressed up quite a lot in costumes, but its been a while since I actually dressed up for a Halloween party. 197 more words


Halloween 2014

Halloween came early this year – attended the OPS Halloween Party 2 nights ago and it turned out to be the best night I’ve had over at the Copper Room. 71 more words


ITV filming at uni!

Today I went into uni around midday for a seminar and was surprised to find a film crew working outside the Charles Wilson building!

There were signs up warning us that if we walk past a certain point we may be filmed. 96 more words

Turning 20

4 days ago I had my 20th Birthday. It wasn’t a day I’d been particularly looking forward to but it ended up being not so bad in the end. 395 more words

Life Stuff

A me start on the day

I have seminar in half an hour and I can’t remember if I had reading to do for it or not.. And instead of checking up on this I spent some time on my hair and hands instead. 180 more words