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Had a great time tonight with friends eating food, and enjoying ourselves with the non-stop performances. Headache is getting a bit torturous now due to the loud music..but loved the food made by the societies~~ tasted so many dishes from around the world and it was great to relax and forget about the exam that happened earlier this afternoon and the upcoming assignments… I think it’s time for bed …after panadol ..need to really finish this assignment or else..no social life during holidays TT_TT


Journeys through university life and the interesting occurences within

Dear x,

Well I would have liked to have thought up a slightly better title than that but whatever. So being back in the swing of things here at uni, freshers is in progress, with significantly more fun (certainly beats last year spending more time in my room till I actually met people). 299 more words

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'Stellini Pasta Bar' Review

UNSW Against Crap Coffee is happy to reveal to you guys a shock player in the coffee market on campus! Stellini Pasta Bar is seldom mentioned amongst the traditional heavy weights when it comes to ‘best coffee on campus’. 364 more words


The honour of doing Honours

Aisling Philippa reflects on making an application for the 2015 Honours program. 

As we head into spring, the sun begins to shine a bit more, the grass gets a bit greener, and you’re still stuck inside reading about Dr Theorist who Thought Big Things and could be the difference between passing and failing your mid-semester exams. 611 more words

Uni Life

Thieves at work

Hi Nele and Sara,

Please return the removed equipment in the E-lab., see attached picture, thanx,

The Laboratory Engineer

Uni Life

Diary of a barista...

Coffee first hit me whilst travelling in Italy a couple of years ago, where I quite literally thought ‘When in Rome’. Since then I’ve developed a passion not only for experiencing the different tastes of coffee, but for creating them as well through my profession as a barista. 384 more words


Fresher's Week (a.k.a fresher's flu)

As I write this, I am sitting here in the basement of St. Salvator’s Hall waiting to do my laundry. The overwhelming wave of adulthood keeps crashing into me, as I sort my colors from my whites and figure out (as all college students do) just exactly how it is, mom has been doing my laundry all these years. 1,173 more words