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News & Magazine: Branding our Website

After much discussion in today’s session and a lot of deliberation we have decided to name our website Loop as we were inspired because it is a type of shipping knot and would fit in to the culture of Falmouth as a seaside town. 298 more words

News & Magazine: Regroup

After a lot of thought in today’s lecture we have all decided as a group to merge together as one group had more members than the other, so we thought this way we would be able to produce more content between us and produce a more effective website which hopefully will appeal to a wider audience. 272 more words

Uni Projects

Filming Take 1 : Vox Pops

We took time out this week to work as a team to produce a series of clips based on a vox pops type exercise, which would link to a feature that Henry, a member of our team had put together and would go on the website a long with the video. 311 more words

Earth and Sky

Week 2 – ‘Earth & Sky’. For this weeks drawing theme, i focused on crabs, as these are a creature who lives on earth. I live along Hartlepool Marina where there are always little stray crabs legs at the edge of the water. 355 more words

Uni Projects

Water and Land

Continuing on from my initial mark making experiments, I focused on the theme of ‘water & land’ with particular interest in Moths. When on holiday this year, I found a dead Emperor Moth on a light, perfectly preserved and wonderful. 121 more words

Uni Projects

Ideas Pitch: News & Magazine

After overcoming a few hiccups in the identity of our website it seems we have kept with the same idea of an events based website but we have decided to go for a… 283 more words

Uni Projects

Initial Ideas: News & Magazine

So this week, now we have been separated in to two groups in order to create our website, we have started to lay some basic ideas on the table for what we think is a good subject to base our site on. 135 more words

Uni Projects