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Ehmagerrd too Bright



Great thing about having double beds, its makes watching movies and TV (specifically Game of Thrones!) so much more comfortable!



Just over a month ago I headed back to Uni! Wasn’t what I had been expecting to do so soon but there we are! I am doing a Certificate in Alcohol and Drug studies and no it doesn’t mean I am sampling each variety :) It is a very interesting course. 470 more words

Assignment: Observations of Galileo Thermometers in Relation to Buoyancy and Density

Again, the first and last assignments in my second physics unit were question and answer style, but the second assignment was for us to research. I looked at buoyancy and density, mainly because I didn’t know what to do and there was one of those fancy Galileo thermometers on my desk and I didn’t know… 1,468 more words



Philosophy. Derived from the word philo (love) and Sophia (wisdom). But I don’t love confusion, which is all this has taught me.

For the past month I have been doing an intensive course at university on philosophy. 164 more words

University sorted..Finally!

Whoooop! Finally..finally my place at University is confirmed, student finance is sorted, and my halls application sent!

Since I already finished college I’ve decided to start running this blog once again and maybe blog more frequently this time (In my case even one post every three months would be an improvement..whoops!) 81 more words


Sometimes sadness is limitless isn’t it?
They say it’s like a wave, how it washes over you and just when you think the worst of it has passed, just when you manage to catch your breath, it strikes again and you lose your balance. 540 more words


Mexico Bound

With every questionable hipster travel essential I purchase (bum bag, New Balance trainers, etc) it becomes ever more apparent that, yes, I am in fact moving away for a year. 356 more words