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Tule uni, tule!

Uni on hyvinvoinnin peruspilari. On melkein turha lähteä hifistelemään superruoilla jos ei nuku tarpeeksi. Ja sitä paitsi nukkuminenhan on ihanaa! Varsinkin jos ei tarvitse stressata nukahtamista ja kauhulla ajatella aamun karua herätyskellon säestämää herätystä. 344 more words

Study Saturday

Spending the day checking my dissertation references.


So I have begun University – actually I’m right in the middle of it, half way through my first Semester. I haven’t really thought about it though, I mean, at least not in the grand scheme of things. 394 more words


I Respect him

This will be the first time I write about him. There are very few people I have written about, mainly because there is very few times that my words can actually do justice to them. 358 more words

Exhibition News

So as you guys know, me and some friends from my course are putting on an exhibition. We have funded this ourselves through an event night, kickstarter and a bake sale. 285 more words


Viral Marketing

With a networking community of over 35 million people spread across all forms of digital media, Red Bull is on the ball when it comes to viral marketing strategies and makes them one of the “most comprehensive and flexible media companies in the world today.” 476 more words

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