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I have taken a break from working on my dissertation, yes I am final year student studying English and Media hoping to one day join the creative professionals of the world, I thought to post upon my blog which i still when given the time away from the work load to nurture and guide it into becoming a respectable blog, full my opinionated as well as annoying posts on the usual and unusual aspects of life and the goings on of the world.  94 more words


Hard path

I wrote the following 5 days ago when I was in a pretty bad state of mind:

“After much deliberation over the past two weeks, I’ve decided that carrying on with uni was a mistake. 381 more words

A Simple Comment to a Video...

or Why You Don’t Ask An Internet Communications Student For A Comment On A Video Off YouTube, Because You Might Just Get What You Asked For (but that was too long for a title on my blog, so you get the simplified version). 1,335 more words


Long time no post

Hello everyone, whats going on been awhile since I last posted so I thought I would do one now, been busy with coursework and revison etc as the end of the college year is closing in fast, I recently finshed my last photography project which I made into a blurb book which you can actually buy on Blurb its called… 326 more words

Vinkkejä patjan ja tyynyn valintaan.

Vietämme noin 3000 tuntia vuodessa patjan päällä. Kannattaa siis varmistaa, että nukutut tunnit ovat virkistäviä – eivät vihollisesi! Tässä muutama vinkki mitä voit pitää mielessä patjaa ja tyynyä valitessasi: 159 more words



Well Hello!

It has been a fair while – but I am still around.

I look at my blog page, I plan what I will write, I often begin but don’t have time to finish – and then life moves on and the post is not current or interesting anymore. 508 more words

Daily Ramble