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If you don't have anything nice to say, say it out loud

To my three fans: I apologize for being absent from the Internet and blogosphere for over a week. I haven’t had anything to complain about; I am quite content with life. 758 more words

The Mighty Brow

“It’s like looking at your grandfather’s one overgrown eyebrow

that goes all the way from ear to ear. You want to look at him,

but the weirdness of it kind of hurts your eyes.”


The Loki Connection

Dear Loki,

Awhile back a man from Brazil approached me through an online forum that shall remain nameless. This man shall also remain nameless as he never did give me a first name. 364 more words

Letters To Loki

Day 5 - Unibrow

It was another challenge to come up with a brief for Unibrow. I decided it was time to make Unibrows cool again, and opted for a poster advertising Unibrows, or Monobrows, as I’ve heard them more commonly referred to. 48 more words