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Descent into B6

I remember it well. I was attending graduate school back in the mid-1980’s, and my adviser instructed me to use a certain booklet — I don’t recall the title — that was then recommended as the definitive style guide for the writing of a master’s thesis. 1,645 more words

Step wise step to send bulk messages in Unicode format via DRPU bulk SMS Software

In today’s world communication is vital part for any human being life and now a day’s peoples are using interacting with large group of persons at same time via Email marketing, Social media like Facebook, twitter, Google plus and Mobile text messaging for sharing information and product advertisement. 332 more words


Story of Tamil encodings: TACE, UTF8 and open-tamil

Hello everyone! Hope this finds you in good spirits. In North America, Boston especially, the cold weather and holiday season is our Deepavali as it were. 526 more words


Using Unicode in Transact SQL / Management Studio


Admittedly, I was trying to be a bit fanciful in showing differences between two columns.

For example, I wanted to artfully show differences when a pair of columns are not the same. 266 more words


Default comparers in Delphi used by TArray.Sort (via: Stack Overflow)

A long while ago, I posted a detailed answer on what functions the default comparers actually were calling to get a feel for if they would apply or not answering  1,052 more words


A Hidden International Language

Into the universal realm of the Unicode, the symbols for a weightlifter, a spiderweb and the Mona Lisa have now been accepted. These are three of the more than 250 emoji considered significant enough that their computer encoding is being officially standardized for use by Apple, Google, Microsoft and others. 419 more words


Smile, You're Speaking Emoji

In a period of roughly three years, cartoons of freakish little yellow people have been written more times than symbols that people have used for three thousand years. 270 more words