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Xamarin Studio 5 Editor

Initial impression

I opened up Xamarin Studio 5, let it update to the newest version and created a new F# project.

This was a pleasant surprise. 451 more words


Código ASCII e código UNICODE

ASCII é uma codificação de carateres de sete bits baseada no alfabeto inglês. Cada sequência de códigos na tabela ASCII corresponde a um carater, comumente representados por 8 bits, sendo que o oitavo bit serve como um bit de paridade, utilizado para detecção de erro. 35 more words


Haiku Detector Achieves its Purpose (and will now proceed to have an existential crisis)

I originally wrote Haiku Detector because my friend Gry saw Times Haiku and wondered whether there were any haiku in her Ph. D. thesis. The other day I heard back about the haiku she found. 596 more words


unicode in LaTeX

As I was hurriedly trying to cram several ‘Og posts into a conference paper (!), I looked around for a way of including Unicode characters straight away. 18 more words


[Bash] Unicode Bash Prompts!

Came across an article in my Google+ feed and decided to try making some unicode bash prompts.

It’s simple. First get your Unicode Miscellaneous Symbol… 167 more words

You gotta keep 'em separated

“On the usage of Unicode strings and binary strings in dynamic languages”

Music: Offspring
Lyrics: Some idiot

You gotta keep ‘em separated

Like the latest fashion… 297 more words


Unicode in Linux

Hello there!

Today I’m going to talk about an error in strings when you have accents. If you have a word like this: baú in your database and in MicroStrategy you see something like ba?, for example. 58 more words