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I Don't Know How to Explain This

These Rochas shoes just shouldn’t make sense.

Let’s investigate.

A kitten heel… Feathers… Crystals…

These shoes sound like they belong on a unicorn. Or a drag queen Barbie doll. 23 more words

April 17

I just saw this on my Facebook feed and I couldn’t help the need to post it here.

Further research has revealed that the pony plugs – yes, that’s how they call them - come in 2 different glass styles, 4 vibrant colours and are handcrafted by… 145 more words


A Pastel Dream State

 I am terminally pastel, no going back, I can just sink into an oblivion of muted down pinks, blues, and violets. Baby Blue is my all time favorite color. 502 more words

Fashion & Photos

Religion in Schools--Open for Discussion?

I taught my children to respect other people’s beliefs, even if they don’t agree with them; so it surprised me to hear what went on in my daughter’s art class today. 269 more words


Silly Hat Day

“Mom, I need a silly hat,” Paige says last week.

“Mmmkay. Any particular reason? Or just in the mood for a silly hat?”

“It’s silly hat day at school Thursday!” she says, as if I should already know this piece of information. 198 more words

For the less cheerful unicorn girls