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What do I like? Bunnies. Pie. Unicorns. Lemons. Pie.


Adventuring to Pie Land - Part 3

“Don’t worry. I know how to tame wild Nyan Cats.” whispers Fluffelia reassuringly.

“I brought the carrot keychain for a reason.”

Fluffelia approaches the beast. 95 more words


I Do Not Negotiate With Terrorists.

This will not be my most ladylike post.  Oh, stop laughing.  Fine, none of them have been ladylike but this one will be the least ladylike. 860 more words


Thursday's 3 Felt.Buzz positives

Hello, hope you have had a good Thursday. Mine was good, here are just three good things.

1. Finished the mini hat this morning. It is going to feature in the first… 174 more words

More Than Just A Line

{Unicorn Breaks Boundaries print, available via Society6}

When I was fourteen, I realized drawing was just the art of making simple lines do what you wanted. 41 more words

Art & Illustrations

Meet our latest finger puppet. He is a unicorn, and his name is Elvis.

Meet Elvis the unicorn. He was created today using Pure Wool and a little bit of magic (and a felting needle). He is available on Etsy and will be at the market on Friday.


Lyra and Octavia taking a walk, practice for an idea that’s currently developing in my head. I drew most of this at a train station on the way to work. 31 more words

Daily Pony