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Making sense of telecommunication choices in today's world

Boy has the world of telecommunications changed in the past 20 years!  It seems that we have changed one set of acronyms for another. Remember the days of PSTN, ISDN, 10BASE-T, ACD and DSL? 86 more words


Delivering performance and security in the cloud to take full advantage of a hybrid network

The Enterprise IT landscape is dramatically changing, with a wave of new devices, applications, technologies and trends changing the way businesses operate. As the lines between corporate and consumer IT usage continue to blur, in today’s ‘Everywhere Enterprise’, internet bandwidth is being eaten up by video streaming, cloud storage and accessing applications. 603 more words

Video Conferencing Fundamentals

For many years, communications vendors have been hailing video conferencing as the next big thing. In fact, my first toe-dip into video conferencing was way back in the early 1990s. 1,496 more words

Unified Communications

Overcoming The Challenges In Business VoIP

The cost and efficiency benefits promised in business VoIP have led to widespread adoption among small businesses and enterprises alike. While advancements have been made in this technology area, there are still obstacles to quality of service (QoS) in the delivery of business VoIP. 438 more words

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Moving to Summit 7 Systems

It must be the season or something. Like several of my peers (e.g. Paul, Phoummala, and Michael, to name 3), I’m moving on from my current position to a unique new challenge. 347 more words


Understanding WebRTC Media Connections -- ICE, STUN, and TURN

In my previous blog article, An Introduction to WebRTC Signaling, I presented the basic flow of two web browsers exchanging SDP through a signaling server. 1,129 more words

Unified Communications

Fun times with Cisco Jabber

I’m often heard giving praise to the Cisco Jabber product line, and rightly so. I feel that Cisco has done an amazing job at creating a useful enterprise collaboration suite of tools, but they’ve not created the perfect Frankenstein either.  807 more words

Unified Communications