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I've Been Butter-ed

Can see by the title, obviously this is not a wedding post. Good grief, I may need another outlet for my non-wedding related ramblings seh. 841 more words


uninspired writing becoming

uninspired work is still work. yet i can’t bring myself to be satisfied with the lack of goodness and free-flow that usually happens when i get a brain wave, nor can i rest in peace with the itch to write but being unable to produce words in ways that truly convey how i feel. 454 more words

Los Angeles

NaPoWriMo - Day 16 - Running on Empty

We’re past the halfway point and I seem to have lost my oomph. Maybe i’ll find it again soon, it’s probably under the bed keeping the bits and bobs company! 52 more words

Creative Writing

Who Am I?

Dream. Achieve. Live on.

Dream high, soar stronger.

I am not contented with who i am now.

I can be the better version of myself maybe not today, but tomorrow it is. 20 more words

A Mural of Havoc

The scowl of nightmares
Paint a mural of havoc
Across desolate ceilings
That mirror inner panic

They expand from above
Scaling down in streams of black… 44 more words


C'est la mort (Another Playlist prompt as seen on NaPoWriMo)

To whom it may concern,

I’ve got this friend who

fell for you about

20 years ago

and wanted to tell you

but she

couldn’t find the words… 23 more words


Wanted: Inspiration, Words and a Blogpost

I’ll be honest. I usually have a way with words.

But the past few days, I’ve struggled.


For inspiration. For words. For something to blog about. 46 more words