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Weightless Thoughts

All I uncover
Is the nagging present
As it fastens to my garments
In sheer desperation

For now
All passing thoughts
Are but hollow clouds… 51 more words


Writer's Block

Scratching ink into this scrap of paper.
Sometimes it makes words.
More often it remains as scattered shapes and scores.
Writing tonight is futile.

So I’ll flip this scrap of paper over. 23 more words


I felt truly uninspired my freshmen year of college, as if I was losing a small part of creative myself and my photography. It’s one of those stages every artist goes through and all you can do is make the best out of it.


Endless Edition

Waiting was the worst. It seemed to never end. The end, that was even worse. I was just waiting again.

I wrote this a while back. 9 more words


Too Hot for Thought

Too hot to be funny.

Or witty.

Or clever.

Too hot to sit.

Or type.

Or blog.

But I said I would post a new blog every day for 93 days of blogging this summer, so here is my blog:  An adorable pic of my cat! 19 more words


DAY 195 of 365: Story

I tried to write a short story. I TRIED. Though I’m not satisfied how the story progressed, I still want to share this story with you. 509 more words

365 Challenge

Reading Places

I’m writing this blog with its uninspired title and context whilst pretending that it’s still Monday, because even though it’s past midnight where I am, I haven’t gone to sleep yet, and that counts, right? 438 more words