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The Before Bed Rant

I’m tired. I might be getting sick. My husband and daughter have been sick. And one co-worker. I keep feeling like I’m teetering on the edge of a cold but sometimes I feel like this when I’m just worn out. 102 more words


I Finally Did It

I finally did it
Ran out of words
Feeling uninspired
Falling into the herd
They seek to trample
That creativity is a ruse
Desperation in my eyes
Lonely without my fickle muse


Double Negatives

She’s a no love seeking-
Fairytale believing-
Or late night romance-
Novel type reading-
Kind of girl.
Of a perfect man she is never dreaming. 120 more words


What to Do When You're Feeling Uninspired

For the past couple months since creating this blog, I’ve written all of my posts in a flurry of excitement and creative energy, unable to fall asleep until I finish typing the very last sentence at around 2:00 AM. 1,319 more words

Inspiration // Empowerment

Pay You Not

Pay my taxes? Why should I?

Reading the headlines everyday, I usually come across issues about politicians who have been accused of using funds of the government to satisfy their own personal gratifications. 594 more words

Views And Opinion

Not Feeling It

I wrote a story for Neil Fein’s “Magnificent Nose” blog this week. I started on Wednesday and revised on Thursday, into the fresh-born hours of Friday. 589 more words



Feeling kind of numb right now. Don’t know why, really . . . can’t reach my thoughts or feelings. Everything is fine. Nothing is wrong . . . just a little uninspired.

Mucosal Melanoma