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Political Clowns

Flapping wings and what’s coming to roost.

The Lord High Poobah of the Senate, Harry Reid, who made a decision to use reconciliation to force Obama’s judicial appointees through the Senate, now may rue that decision. 203 more words

Unintended Consequences

Love affairs with clients

Anyone remember the arthouse French movie “The Man Who Loved Women”? (Please ignore the vile US remake starring Burt Reynolds).

I’m the man who loved clients. 17 more words

The Front Page: Musing|scraplog

2083. Female Blessings at Birth — 76-78

I continue my attempt to identify and have readers confirm or deny 100 blessings that women inherit at birth. So far, I’m stuck at 92 of which the following are the latest for you to review, contest, argue, or otherwise disagree. 299 more words


Corruption of the Soul

We have descended to another ring closer to hell. At one time, no one in a visible public position would think about committing petty offenses. Major crimes, yes they did, but they didn’t sully their reps by minor scrapes. 844 more words

Fools & Frauds

Socialist Economics

The similarity between the old Soviet ‘Command Economy’ model and what Obama has attempted in conjunction with the Fed is something that should cause fear. The Soviet Union collapsed from economic failure. 556 more words