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Time to piss off the bike riders: a less in unintended consequences.

I wrote this in response to a debate on Facebook a few days ago regarding whether or not urban bicycle riders should be required to wear helmets (a lot of people think that they shouldn’t be required because the inconvenience may discourage people from biking for urban transportation.   860 more words

A financial flensing

There are all sorts of mixed messages in the wind about the direction of the markets. Some are the “Pump and Dump” type while other are from the bankers telling us to sell our gold and silver, “Get out!” as they buy up what ever they can for their vaults. 857 more words

Unintended Consequences

I knew it: killer green technologies alert – reusable grocery bags can kill (unless washed)

Reusable grocery bags often carry raw meat and are stored for convenience in the trunk of cars that sit outside in the sun. Reusable grocery bags are friendly breeding environment for E. 121 more words


The Keynesian Fed

When is there simultaneously inflation and no inflation? The answer is obvious. When the Fed is using Keynesian economics. Since they can add and subtract items from the market basket, that allows them to keep the price of that basket even in average price, not inflating much over the course of the year. 497 more words

Fools & Frauds

Busch Gardens Guests Find Severed Head Halloween Displays A Little Too Timely

The terrorist group ISIS (or ISIL) is in the headlines on a daily basis, and the group uses films and displays of their captives’ and opponents’ heads and bodies as a potent weapon. 144 more words

Taking It Seriously

Fiction as History

Fiction had to catch up with reality at some point. I guess today is as good as any other day. Strides in computers is moving this along at rates not to be believed. 720 more words