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"It Sucks! ":100 Year-Old Teacher Crushes Common Core

At 100 years old, Madeline Scotto knows a thing about teaching. She’s been doing it for decades and still teaches at the school she graduated from in 1928. 80 more words


The Left, so vociferous in condemning others for their actions in standing up for principles and “Freedom of Speech” suddenly had an attack of lockjaw. 1,074 more words

The Liberal Plantation


The girl in the art exam applies herself
to colour – her brush layers a threatening
blueness across the sheet. The gobbet
of dark sputum on her palette, applied, 76 more words


Unintended Consequences

The Founders did not believe it was wise to permit the direct election of the President by popular vote, so they created the Electoral College to act as a buffer between the voters and any demagogue who might mislead them.  120 more words


Thank you, Mike and Ted!

Thank you, Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) and Sen. Ted Cruz (T-TX), for standing up to the NRA and paving the way for Dr. Vivek Murthy to be our next Surgeon General!!! 1,130 more words

Issues And Activism

Does Common Core really mean teachers should teach differently?

Strategy and curriculum are intimately connected. You cannot make extreme changes to curriculum and then be shocked that the methodology also changes.

This is yet another example of “unintended consequences” … politicians strive for simple, one-sized-fits-all answers to complex problems (and sometimes problems that never even existed) that then start to cause even bigger problems. 74 more words

The Hummingbird Effect

Moving through the literature on how innovation occurs both in human society and nature,  it wasn’t long before I encountered another creature of surprise: the hummingbird!   839 more words