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Uninvited by: Sophie Jordan

So i’ve been super busy with work and senior year recently, so have been detained by that and not been available to post. Also, i have been having a lack of post worthy books fall into my hands, so that is why this post has taken so long, but in my opinion, is so worth it because of this book. 262 more words


Weekend Reads #33

Happy Weekend Everyone!

It is an exceptionally good weekend for me because I will be starting my two reading challenges and I get to spend a few hours with some friends. 450 more words


Dragon Comics 26

Sigh…optimistically, I’d like to believe that writing a sizable¬†number of comics (let’s say 100, in which case we are 25% of the way there) should help develop my cartooning skills to a somewhat higher level. 149 more words


Uninvited to the Show

I laugh to myself, I laugh
because it has passed,
a fading little wink of the
future. Passing the stairwell
with its encircling,
winding arms… 69 more words

My Writing

Good News!

So I have some good news and who better to share it with than the anonymous, faceless¬†internet? :’)

A while back I entered a competition with some friends, which was all organised through school and was actually part of our media lessons for a while. 135 more words

When Your Invitation Gets Lost in the Mail

In high school, there was an abandoned school bus in the woods where kids would go to party.


I tell my friends in England about it because they can’t believe how… 423 more words


I Said No

You placed your hands where they weren’t invited,
knowing fine well I was too drunk to fight it.
But even drunk I still said no,
107 more words