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I Said No

You placed your hands where they weren’t invited,
knowing fine well I was too drunk to fight it.
But even drunk I still said no,
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Episode 3: An uninvited knock

When you move to a new area, it is instinctive to attract people and become center of attraction. May be it is in our nature, as a survival strategy, to get attention from others ( 311 more words


The Uninvited

When an unwanted presence enters your home uninvited, it can cause all of the feelings of security, calm and peace to be taken from you. 760 more words

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Uninvited Ghost

There is something not quite right

Something feels a little weird

The door which I closed this morning

Is now ajar. I stand still

My heart beats loudly, inside my head… 103 more words

An Uninvited Guest

The sadness lets itself in
as if it’s part of the family.
Barging through the door without thinking to knock.
No one invited it here, 162 more words

Uninvited by Sophie Jordan

It’s the year 2021 and crime is on the rise in the United States. The government and scientists have determined that there are people out there with a gene called HTC or the ‘murder’ gene. 331 more words

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Today my letter is U and I am writing about being Uninvited and what that means.

There have been several occasions throughout my lifetime that I have been uninvited to an event, a party, or an outing. 627 more words

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