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Happy Halloween!

Extreme Halloween : The Ultimate Guide to Making Halloween Scary Again

by Tom Nardone

The author of Extreme Pumpkins II presents another volume of spooky holiday ideas, featuring projects to transform your home, yard, and wardrobe, including a cake that bleeds, an alligator in a leaf pile, and a toilet bowl of candy.
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Write Your Story...Halloween!

Bruce Haase ( senior library member ) has submitted the following memoir:

“Halloween Haunted House”

Ned was trying to convince No Jocks and I that he came from a long line of entrepreneurs, and we could make some cash this Halloween. 995 more words

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Write Your Story........On a Bicycle at 84

On A Bicycle at 84

by: Arthur Thistlewood, Library member

Not long ago a text entitled TRAINING THE MIND  came to my attention. In the introduction , the author explains that your mind plays tricks on you, so beware! 576 more words

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Psychology & Transformation

How We Learn  

by: Benedict Carey

From an early age, it is drilled into our heads: Restlessness, distraction, and ignorance are the enemies of success. We’re told that learning is all self-discipline, that we must confine ourselves to designated study areas, turn off the music, and maintain a strict ritual if we want to ace that test, memorize that presentation, or nail that piano recital. 496 more words

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