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Light of the Soul reading for Sunday

The completion of Book 2 (out of 4) of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali is our goal for this Sunday. Alice Bailey’s commentary is full as is the instruction of the master Patanjali. 37 more words


January 31, 1992

160 gravediggers represented by SEIU Local 106 – locked out after they went on strike against the Cemeteries Association of Greater Chicago over wages and benefits – reach a contract agreement after 43 days.


Candle-Flame Reflection

That night, in the darkness,
she reflected upon the candle-flame
swaying in the black void,
dancing across the solitude of her life,
and her contemplations hurled her back… 83 more words


Twin Flames: 3 sparks to fulfill on your fiery destiny

There is a heightened intensity of interest in twin flames today because that is the relationship that enables you to fulfill the greater portion of your fiery destiny.

480 more words

The Producers Chair with Jim Kennelly

Every week at Realtime Casting there’s one project or session that stands out. That wows me, even after 30 years of producing commercials and narrations and anything that requires a voice. 360 more words

Voice Over Talent

Bias, Sheeple, Police & "Grid-Down"

Let’s talk “bias” today. It also ties in with Situational Awareness (SA), of which I have a series of articles almost ready to hit the website within a few days. 2,609 more words


Former FTQ head Jocelyn Dupuis sentenced to 12 months in prison

No sooner had the former head of Quebec’s biggest construction union been sent off to jail Friday for 12 months for defrauding his organization than his lawyer headed to the appeal court. 466 more words

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