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Why England and Scotland joined together - The 1707 Act of Union

In the summer of 1503 the cold, calculating and increasingly paranoid Henry VII sent his daughter Margaret to begin her long and lonely journey to Scotland where she would first meet her husband James Stewart, the king of the Scots. 582 more words


Being Scottish.

18th September 2014. A hugely massive day for Scottish people around the world. Today, we can have our say on the future of our country, in no way any of us will have experienced before. 291 more words

General Chit Chat.

Ian Paisley - A Lost Opportunity

There is an old joke that as planes landed in Belfast during the troubles the pilot would remind you to set your watches back 500 years to the local time. 604 more words


A toxic combination...

. . . ‘our’ politics and ‘their’ flegs

Imagine the outrage if the DUP, in a show of solidarity with the people of Israel, ran the Star of David up the flagpole at its Dundela Avenue headquarters. 843 more words

Belfast, Northern Ireland

“I kissed my girl, by the factory wall. Dirty old town.”

Those lines were in reference to Manchester, England, but nowhere in the UK today do they more describe the miasma of a place than in Belfast, the shade of working class poverty visible on acne-spotted pasty white faces, in the fast-food gastronomy, the obesity, and the simmering resentment and tit-for-tat injuries and insults between the Unionist and Nationalist working classes. 409 more words