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You Don’t have to be Muslim to have sympathy for Gaza….

But in Northern Ireland it appears you do have to be Republican.

This is a little off course from my other posts which focus solely on Northern Ireland but given that Northern Ireland seems to be so interested in the Israel/Gaza dispute I thought I would have my tuppence worth. 1,321 more words

More #NoThanks

If Scots had been on the Malaysian plane shot down, they would not be able to rely on British consular support
Just say NO to…

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Is it acceptable for the Dublin Mayor to burn the Union flag?

The image shows Christy Burke the Lord Mayor of Dublin, and one time member of Sinn Fein, burning the Union flag and it posed an interesting conundrum given the fact we are approaching the 11th night bonfires. 451 more words

Rossnowlagh Orange Order Twelfth Parade - A lesson to us all

I had the pleasure yesterday of attending the 12th celebrations in Rossnowlagh, Donegal. This small seaside village is both picturesque and tourist driven, with its small selection of surf schools, hotel and a limited number of restaurants without the support of locals and visitors this small village would not sustain. 786 more words

Why did devolution to Northern Ireland endure prolonged interruption from 1998 until 2007?

With a conflict claiming over 3000 lives and a system of government lacking accountability to the people of the North a political settlement had become increasingly necessary. 2,412 more words



That’s lose it not ‘loose’ it (sorry but that really winds me up).

Ok, a lot is written about culture in Northern Ireland. Most of it is not exactly complimentary towards Ulster-Scots culture & Unionist/Loyalist/Orange traditions. 1,619 more words

Columbia Trade: Unionist Threatened

An apparent coalition of Colombian paramilitary organizations has threatened to kill five people in the northeastern department of Santander for helping to organize farmers’ demonstrations. The targets were listed by name in a letter sent to the local office of Colombian Trade Union Congress, signed jointly by the Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC), a group responsible for assassinating thousands of trade unionists, environmental activists and human rights campaigners over the last three decades and which was disbanded in 2008; Los Rastrojos, a drug trafficking and paramilitary organization; and Los Urabeños, a particularly ruthless and well-organized group that is greatly responsible for the skyrocketing murder rate in northeastern Colombia over the last 5 years. 247 more words