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Scott Walker's Wisconsin Labor Legislation Upheld In Entirety

5-2 by the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

It’s already saved the state billions of dollars, in addition to giving employees the freedom to not join a union if they don’t want to. 15 more words


Puerto Rico Policy Statement 3: Public Sector Unions

A man comes to your house, enters through the front door and puts a gun in your face and says, “because you own this house, you must pay me a fee every year for the rest of your life or I will kidnap you.”  You go to the store and buy groceries, and when you get to the check out stand you pay for the food you bought and just when you are finished paying, that man from earlier, comes up to you and again, puts a gun into your face and says, “because you have bought groceries, you have to pay me.”  When you get paid, after working long hours and years developing your trade, a man comes to you; before can even cash the check and says, “give me part of your paycheck, or I will kidnap you.” 765 more words

Puerto Rico

Safety: Beyond Buzzwords and Lectures

I’ve been at the same big project site for over a year now. Every week, we sit through two safety sessions: one presented by our general contractor to all the tradesworkers and one by our electrical shop. 906 more words

Wisconsin Supreme Court Upholds Walker Reforms, Public Unions Hardest Hit

Remember a few years ago when Occupy types and union activists invaded the Wisconsin capitol building? And remember when those same folks tried to recall Walker as governor and lost? 216 more words


Micro-Units: Divided They May Rise Before the NLRB

Contributed by Beverly Alfon

The labor world is abuzz about “micro-units” as a result of two recent National Labor Relations Board decisions regarding Union petitions to represent such “micro-units” of employees:   566 more words

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The strike by union paper makers at the International Paper mill in Jay, Maine in 1987 was the toughest and strangest strike I ever covered. There had been a long history of fairly good relations between the company and the union, and IP profits were way up around that time, so it was hard to understand why  the company took such a hard stand against the union, demanding wage and benefit give-backs and the locking out the union once they went on strike. 501 more words

Bill Frederick

I Think I Love Lily Eskelsen

I read Jeff Bryant’s interview with the President-elect of NEA, Lily Eskelsen, and I think I love her.

She is smart, strong, and she doesn’t mince words. 530 more words

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