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Andrew Cuomo Makes it Official: He's at War With Teachers

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo recently sent some mixed signals on his education platform.  In late September, he declared that the teacher evaluation system in the Empire State needs “refinement” 2,687 more words


Wage Watch: 4 red states could get a minimum wage hike on Election Day

Election Day on Tuesday will likely mark the transfer of Senate power from Democrats to Republicans and it could also give workers in four Republican-led states a new, higher minimum wage. 543 more words


For Pot, Inc., the Rush Begins - and so does the Crony Capitalism

Basic economics dictates how the market can be controlled by politicians and big business to benefit the few at the expense of the many, and that’s exactly what’s happening as New York begins the process of legalizing medical marijuana. 671 more words

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Those Damn Danes


On Tuesday, October 28, The New York Times published an article on fast-food workers in Denmark earning a living wage at the equivalent of a minimum of $20 an hour. 390 more words


How TIME Magazine Blew Its Cover

Time magazine’s current cover story is raising some hackles among educators. After reading the article, my impression is that Time magazine goofed pretty badly with this cover. 793 more words

Professions, Respect, and American Priorities

I’ve been having trouble lately getting inspired to write. I’m trying to make writing more of a habit, but work and home often intervene and I usually end up just wanting to watch Criminal Minds episodes on Netflix. 458 more words