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Discovering Different: The First Step to Building Your Brand

Unless you’re working in covert operations for the CIA, you probably want your
company’s brand to be known. You want people to do business with you, and so you… 186 more words

Marketing Strategy

Where's the Creativity?

Creativity is not just coming up with an idea, it’s actually utilizing that idea. I know many have thought, “Oh I have this great idea” and then they never do anything about it. 180 more words

Are they choosing your competitor and ignoring you?

Let me ask you a question: why do people choose you rather than your competitor?

If that’s not a question you’ve pondered before, you should start now. 1,024 more words

Small Businesses


Have you been wondering what business you should start? I have found both people that have money to start and people that don’t have, find themselves in this situation where there are just so confused. 220 more words

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The Foolproof Way to Avoid getting "Google Slapped"

A Google slap has to do with they way Google’s search algorithm changes periodically. Internet marketers take a hard blow every time this happens since they spend so much time/effort to get “search engine optimized” only to be slapped down when Google changes the rules. 200 more words