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with truth you get rejection

Ah, the simpletons of the simple, as imagined fear grip the mind of those predisposed to shudder at the thought of uniqueness of thought, emotion, or opinion based outside the comfort zone of acceptance by self-righteous critics of anything that resemble truth in any of its grotesque application. 26 more words

Special enough to make the noise?
But, what will amplify your voice?



“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

Albert Einstein


30 Day Self Harm Awareness: Day 6

Day 6: What about it do you enjoy?

I need to Trigger Warning this post!

This is where I start feeling sick about self harm. I have found that everyone wants to hear about how horrible it has made my life, how I desperately want to get it out of my life and have the beautiful recovery story at the end. 229 more words

Mental Health

Join the Wildflower family! We're looking for the perfect candidate...

We’ve built a strong and proudly independent boutique in downtown Halifax, and we’re looking for the perfect candidate to help us continue on our wonderful journey of serving our city’s best customers. 24 more words