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Unique Chess Boards Hang On The Wall

What if we told you that entertainment can be marketed like artwork? We’;re not talking about high-tech bizarre piece of art but an ordinary wooden chess board. 28 more words

Daily Ideas

Best gifts 2014: Callaway Statement Lantern

Callaway Statement LanternModeled on the masthead lamps once used by sailors to alert other ships to their presence, this fixture is rich in authentic detail – from its ribbed glass lens to its substantial metal frame and handle. 20 more words

Best Gifts 2014

My Childhood Lunchbox

I don’t quite remember what it looked like. I guarantee it had no fun, hip, cartoon character on it. It was likely blue. Triangular and somehow extremely boxy and bulky. 496 more words

The introduction of Angel

You live and experience in a way no other person can, or can even fully understand. That in itself is precious and worth holding onto.

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Turning Trash Into Treasure

In prison everyone does time different. Some do nothing while others do as much as they can to keep their minds occupied. Most don’t want to think of the fact they are losing years of their life for one reason or another. 420 more words

Prison Art/Cartoon

Drew Jacoby

Drew Jacoby, “Lifted”, Sarasota International Dance Festival (Sidaf) at Sarasota Opera House, Sarasota, Florida, USA (April 15, 2014)

Source and more info at:
Drew Jacoby Website
Photographer Ani Collier