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If I Could Turn Back Time...The Importance of Reputation Management on Social Media

Have you ever had a really BAD experience with a company and took to a social network to post your rant? Have you gone as far as Dave Carroll and create a viral YouTube video? 477 more words

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United Breaks Guitars? How I'd handle this creative complaint as an airline reputation manager

United Airlines’ customer service policy looks great. They have a whole page that links to other pages that are all dedicated to how much the company values and respects and serves their customers. 431 more words

Social Media Ethics (Summer 2014)

"United Breaks Guitars" and Trust with Customers

With 14 million YouTube views and counting, Dave Carroll’s “United Breaks Guitars” video is a hit song, but not in the traditional sense. In 2008, when United Airlines broke Carroll’s guitar, he decided to not just complain about it to the company, he decided to sing about it to the world.  828 more words

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Online Reputation Management: Listening May Have Prevented United Crisis

When Canadian singer Dave Carroll boarded a United Airlines flight, he faced a musician’s worst nightmare: Baggage handlers broke his Taylor acoustic guitar. After a year of failed attempts of trying to get some compensation from United, Carroll used his singing skills to finally get noticed. 505 more words

Online Reputation Management and United Airlines

The assignment for this week asked us to respond to a very unique customer complaint against United Airlines.  This complaint is unique because the customer chose to create a song and… 439 more words

Your Reputation is Your Lifeline!

Dealing with complaints is never an easy task, and given the “mass open forum” that social media is, we are seeing more and more people offer their opinions and dissatisfactions with various individuals, brands and companies alike. 469 more words

Social Media Ethics (MMC6936 Summer)

The Day the Music Died...Just Kidding!

The “United Break Guitars” was a perfect storm. If this had happened to another airline or another passenger there is a fairly large possibility it does not advance to this point. 475 more words

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