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In Serious Need of a De-Grumpyinator!!

That title is a small and apt homage to our youth’s inspirational cartoon…Phineas and Ferb.   But…the contemplation that follows is much more serious than that. 986 more words


The Highest Perspective

They sound like simple, straight-forward words.   Don’t they??    As if “The Highest Perspective” indicates a pristine point of truth and knowing to bring clarity. 626 more words


Stillness Speaks

Can it be??   Can it be that in order to fully recognize, sense, and enjoy the blessings of this world…we must learn to Still ourselves first?? 792 more words


Remembrance and Recognition

What a difference a day makes!!

I was honored to be part of an inspirational health and wellness festival this weekend in beautiful St. Petersburg, FL.     359 more words


Living In The Shadow of What's "Not"

Suddenly the word “Not” seems like the silliest…most inconsequential word ever.    Does it even carry real meaning or authority??

The answer is…YES!!    If…and only IF we give it the power to do so. 1,066 more words