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Sacred Love Manifest

My heart spirals in gratitude, joy, and intoxicating light this evening!!   On the eve of a brand new endeavor…I stand here humbled by the love and support that flows to me.   297 more words


Divergent...At Heart

Wowwwwww!!   I just finished watching the movie “Divergent” with my son.     I wasn’t sure what to expect…because I am truly not a fan of any apocalyptic type storyline.     713 more words

Raw and Real...Energy Moves and Transforms

It’s an ever-flowing journey of life, death, and transformation!!

In all moments…the aspects of life and truth that no longer serve us are transforming 552 more words

Myths...As A Tale of Human Nature

Each myth, tale and legend throughout time speaks of Intricate and Ever-expressive Man.

Arjuna represents the faithfully seeking disciple within…and Krishna represents the eternal and internal wisdom of  our own Perfect and Aware Higher Self!!   248 more words


"Limitless Potential"

“It’s not an overpowering of our humanity or our spirituality that will create Harmony and Peace in our life.

It is a merging of both beautiful expressions that will bring the power of Limitless Potential!!”

~ Spirit


Earth Mother's Loving Message

Speak To Me Dear Mother…

From my heart I reveal to you now the greatest of all love and admiration.    

Forever a part of your heart and soul…we are entwined.    

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Messages of Transformation

Each of us are going through a shift!!    We are redefining what is of purpose and value to us in this moment.    And quite often the natural experience of Personal Transformation can be daunting. 118 more words