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VIDEO: Investigation into US 'pumpkin riot'

An annual pumpkin festival in Keene, New Hampshire, turned violent as the event descended into a night of rioting.

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VIDEO: China's crackdown on corruption

A high profile campaign against corruption and bribery by the Chinese ruling Communist Party has gained huge public support.

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Sassoon Journals

The digital collection of the Sassoon Journals has been launched as a part of the Cambridge Digital Library. This collection contains digitized 23 diaries written by Siegfried Sassoon (1886-1967), one of the British  127 more words


VIDEO: New Indonesian president sworn in

Joko Widodo is sworn in as the new president of Indonesia, the world’s third largest democracy.

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VIDEO: Search ends for Nepal trekkers

Rescue teams in Nepal say that there are now no trekkers left stranded after completing their search for survivors of a devastating Himalayan storm.

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VIDEO: US airdrops weapons to Kurds

The US carries out airdrops of weapons and supplies to Kurdish fighters, despite a lack of support from Turkey.

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VIDEO: Nepal survivor: 'Not my day to die'

UK police sergeant Paul Sherridan was in the Himalayas for Nepal’s worst ever trekking disaster and helped many trekkers to safety.

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