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UNITED KINGDOM: UK Police To Start Seizing Drivers’ Cell Phones After All Crashes

Police are to start seizing drivers’ mobile phones after a crash in order to check whether they were texting or calling while at the wheel. 85 more words


43 Days of Wanderlust: City #42


I’m going to take a wild guess and say that most of you haven’t got a clue where Bro is. Well, it’s actually a small town in Sweden. 282 more words


Sailing World-wide on Two Wheels

Ever thought of going round the world? And if you ever did, did you ever fantasise you could do it on a motorcycle? Strange means of transport, right? 297 more words


Throwback Thursday: A Day In Oxford

It’s been almost two weeks since two of my fellow travelers and I hopped on a bus to Oxford for a quick day trip. Part of my delay in blogging about the adventure is due to the fact that I packed the wrong camera lens with me during my hectic attempt to stuff everything I needed for three months in Europe all into one bag way back in May. 359 more words


Edinburgh, Scotland.

It’s happened. It’s finally happened! We got an apartment, our very own, where we can justify buying food and walk around in our undies and go to the toilet with the door open! 335 more words


Fashionista Friday # 7

Welcome to yet another Fashionista Friday.

Yes, it’s that time of the week again when we delve into the cupboard and pull out yet another celebrated, never to be forgotten, fashion item. 443 more words


Picnic by the Pool: An Afternoon on Hampstead Heath

If there’s one thing I learnt to appreciate during my time in the UK, it’s sun. The moment the sun appears, the British do too. On a hot summer’s day they occupy every available patch of grass in the parks and even along the streets, just basking in the golden sunlight – kind of like reptiles on a rock. 1,230 more words