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She wins.

For the record, I don’t consider this procrastinating. Changing the world is slightly more important than anything else I have to do.

If only we could all be quite so strong. Hopefully we will be. #HeForShe


Whatever Happened To Global Warming?

On Sept. 23 the United Nations will host a party for world leaders in New York to pledge urgent action against climate change. Yet leaders from China, India and Germany have already announced that they won’t attend the summit and others are likely to follow, leaving President Obama looking a bit lonely. 156 more words

$1bn to fight Ebola, if Ebola agrees to be a bit more 'Islamish'‏

President Obama has offered to send 3,000 American troops to Liberia to help fight the virus outbreak ‘on the proviso’ that Ebola adopts a more Jihadist approach. 234 more words

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"You Are Probably Thinking Who Is This Harry Potter Girl" Emma Watson's Powerful Gender Equality Speech

Emma Watson, best known for her role as the witty Hermoine Granger in the mega popular Harry Potter films, had the opportunity to speak at the United Nations (UN) conference in New York on Sunday regarding gender inequality—and it was brilliant. 133 more words


Gender Equality is Never an Easy Topic to Discuss, Emma Watson is Fearless

How can one not be moved by such powerful words? A young woman like Emma Watson is taking a great risk speaking up about gender inequality throughout the world. 134 more words

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First World Conference on Indigenous Peoples Opens at UN Headquarters

The week of high-level events that marks the opening of the United Nations General Assembly’s annual general debate kicks off today with the first World Conference on Indigenous Peoples (WCIP). 256 more words