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Grave robbing and other deep subjects

UPI was absolutely in love with the strange, the creepy and the absurd. The odder the story, the more they wanted to go after it. The company believed that readers were fascinated by the peculiar, and I have to say that I saw plenty of evidence that they were right. 479 more words

Feature writing: "Hey, kids! What time is it?"

I bet you didn’t know Howdy Doody was from Maine, did you? Well, that’s almost true; actually, Buffalo Bob Smith retired to Maine when he was still in his 40s after the hugely popular Howdy Doody television show went off the air in 1960. 842 more words

Feature writing: "Small community in Maine boasts unique film society"

Another feature story in the UPI/wire service style. Maine was an absolute treasure trove of offbeat stories…


MOUNT VERNON, Maine (UPI) – … 414 more words

Sailors need love, too

Museums are great sources of news stories. This exhibit at the Bath Marine Museum resulted in a United Press International story that was carried in newspaper nationwide in 1988. 552 more words

Bill Frederick

Cowsnatching and other Maine tales

I’ve been looking through the Google News Archive and I’ve found a number of my old stories from my days with United Press International. This is a valuable find for me because these stories illustrate the wire service style of writing — tight, short and bright. 444 more words

Bill Frederick

Won't somebody *please* think of the validity?

I’ve concluded that they’re right. Mobile phones DO addle the brain. They DO interfere with competent cognition. They DO cause people to become rambling, incoherent, and negligent thinkers, and to talk ever-more-ridiculous garbage. 591 more words

Daily Mail

Rinse, Repeat: FBI Report Shows Violent Crime Decreased as Gun Sales Increased

Violent crime fell during the first six months of 2013–at the same time the number of gun purchases was expanding.

AWRHawkins reports:  According to preliminary… 186 more words

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