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Free Speech’s Shrinking Circle of Friends

Liberals and even some conservatives embrace the ‘heckler’s veto’ threat to the First Amendment

Barry A. Fisher writes: An essential freedom-of-speech paradigm was established in 1949 by the Supreme Court in  675 more words


BREAKING: District Court Declares Obama Immigration Amnesty Unconstitutional

Andrew C. McCarthy writes:

“I wonder how the Republican establishment will take this: A federal court has the gumption to declare the obvious — namely, that Obama’s immigration policy is unconstitutional, just as Republican candidates argued while seeking votes during the recent midterm election campaign — only three days after 20 Republican senators astonishingly joined with the Democrats to endorse Obama’s policy as constitutionally valid… 305 more words

Emails Show Justice Department Involved In IRS Targeting... "... Obama May Be Terrified By What These Scandalous Emails Expose- “Nixon Was (Nearly) Impeached For Less”"

A federal judge has forced the release of emails showing that Lois Lerner met with the Department of Justice’s Election Crimes Division a month before the 2010 election. 199 more words