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slowlorisblog Goes Big League, Other News, and Then Finally Some Writing

Two items of note today before we jump into things.

First, some exciting news. I’ve joined the team over at ScienceBlog, which is, if you’re unfamiliar, a compendium of (sometimes) acerbic and (always) insightful scientists, researchers, professors, postdoctoral fellows, and science journalists bringing more (good) science writing to the public. 1,744 more words

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Law and the rise of capitalism

This is a lightly edited set of notes for a talk I gave on June 27 at the Socialism 2014 conference in Chicago. The title is a tribute to the book by Michael Tigar, from which I drew heavily (see references at the end). 6,815 more words


Exorcising the Demons of our Past: Why Eugenics Wasn’t What You Think It Was, and Why That Matters

BOOK REVIEW: Comfort, Nathaniel. The Science of Human Perfection: How Genes Became the Heart of American Medicine. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2012.

With for-profit companies offering genetic testing at prices approaching the commercially viable for the first time since the sequencing of the human genome ($1,000), eugenics as a topic of discussion in academic circles and in the popular news cycle alike will increase dramatically in frequency over the course of the next decade. 888 more words

United States History

Revolutionary Women: Nancy Hart

In light of the fact that I came up with this brilliant series around Independence Day, it is fitting that the first woman I spotlight is one from the American Revolution. 379 more words


Book Review- Mark Fiege's Republic of Nature

It’s a strange day when a book arrives in your mailbox to review and on the back are laudatory quotations from scholarly giants William Cronon… 745 more words

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Test 2

I am testing a non-featured post.

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