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It's National Dictionary Day!

Today is National Dictionary Day in the United States, a day to celebrate the birth of the man who gave us the first American English dictionary, lexicographer… 520 more words

Welcome to My Website

Hello, My Name is Glenn and I plan on writing informative articles on history and other parts of my life. Since this is the going to be the first post. 389 more words


Vernal fall

Vernal fall is known as a plunge water fall. A plunge water fall descends vertically and does not touch the bedrock. Vernal fall has one drop and is 860 on the world water fall height record. 633 more words

National Park

APUSH- 10/7/14

  • Targets-
    • Could the Constitution be written without compromise?
    • Does the system of checks and balances provide our nation with an effective and efficient government?
    • Should the United States fear a national debt?
  • 33 more words
Class Activities

Told They Cannot Learn About Social Movements, Colorado Students Take To the Streets

Rightwing tries to ban history of “social strife” in the United States, so students teach them a lesson

Hundreds of students from high schools across Colorado’s Jefferson County school district walked out of classes on Monday, Tuesday, and… 675 more words

Social Justice

APUSH- 9/22/14

  • We reviewed the concept of Mercantilism:
    • Balance of trade
    • Navigation Acts
    • Salutary Neglect
  • We discussed the impact of the Enlightenment
    • Deism
    • 1st Great Awakening …
  • 23 more words
Class Activities