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The Beards ‘n’ Buckshot Brigade Part 3

As promised part 3 of the creation of my US Marine Corp force for Bolt Action , the force is now sitting at a healthy 1000 points and strangely enough for me its finished. 148 more words


The Beards ‘n’ Buckshot Brigade Part 2

It has been about a month since I started my games with the 750 point United States Marine list and its been interesting my first six games with them resulted in 4 draws and 2 wins. 746 more words


MARINE SLAMS ISIS: ‘Attack Us and There Will be No Mercy’

Read more at http://clashdaily.com/2014/08/marine-slams-isis-attack-us-will-mercy/#Ztsz9kIC8GGd0RYC.99

Posted on August 23, 2014

This Marine veteran, Nick Powers, wrote an open letter to ISIS warning them and reminding them about what will happen if they decide to attack the US. 407 more words