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False Flag 9/11: The Jewish Neocons That Pulled It Off

This is a short, 14 minute clip that details how so many of the critical places required to pull off 9/11 were being manned by Jewish politicians or Mossad spies. 11 more words


You're Fired!

If my job approval rating was 14% I would be fired in a heartbeat. Remember we have the power of their pink slips via the ballot box! Get out and VOTE!


2014 Grammy Awards Commentary By Anita Fuentes

This is a pro-Christian slant by Evangelist Anita Fuentes. I don’t knock Fuentes too much, because she is doing her best to wake people up, she courageously tackles many subjects that I don’t see many other Christians talking about, and she provides an insight that neither I nor the other Truth activists I follow cover in their videos. 853 more words


Exploring the Popularity Puzzle: The Benefits of Gymnastics in the U.S.

Although the success of a gymnastics program is a complex puzzle with many moving pieces, one highly important piece relates to the number of gymnasts enrolled in high-level programs in a given country. 1,276 more words

United States

Dental Fun

If you have dental coverage, proper dental coverage, thank your stars.

I used to not think too much about it, but after being applied scare and sale tactics while sitting on a dentist’s chair, having procedures done that I might or might not have needed, paying an exorbitant amount for them, and having more procedures scheduled, I think it’s just as vital as proper medical coverage. 256 more words


ISIS audio urges Muslims everywhere to kill 'unbelievers'

Courtesy: CBC News Online

… Should we be afraid? Is public security at risk? Better to be safe than sorry. Be mindful of people around you and in open spaces … 247 more words