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Something Bizarre is Happening in America and I Must Warn You This Video Is Frightening!

Something is happening in America and it is not good! From increased police brutality to the surveillance of everything we do. The America we once knew is not the America we know today. 79 more words

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What Would Jesus Do If He Appeared In America Today?

Although I do consider myself a Christian due to my asking the Lord to forgive my sins and enter my life and subsequently following Him, I don’t think of myself as religious in the pushy salesman sense. 637 more words

Were the Tel Aviv Flight Restrictions an Embargo?

American and European aviation authorities yesterday issued a directive ordering US and European airlines not to fly to Israel’s David Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv. 231 more words

Dusty, neglected 1964 Ferrari 250 Lusso could fetch $1.4M

Old cars are the best cars. They cough, sputter, leak and smoke. A new Ferrari might be faster but there’s a reason a 458 is a fraction of the value of a Ferrari 250. 440 more words

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Facebook in a Perfect World

24 July 2014


Facebook’s market cap is now very close to $200 billion. Its projected sales for 2014 are around $12 billion, which means that its stock is trading at over 16x forward… 447 more words

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