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Beyond the Headlines: The Real Afghanistan

         “Beyond the Headlines: The Real Afghanistan”

By Aaron Peterson | 4/22/2014

Sharif is an Afghan refugee, a former resident of Mazar-e-Sharif.  Sharif attended Kabul University. He is currently living as a political refugee in the Islamic Republic of Iran due to the on-going conflict in Afghanistan. 980 more words


"Seeking Hay Baling Contractor For Henderson County, Tx." copyright 2014 John J. Rigo, Silver Star Winery of Texas

We are seeking an honest, dependable and competitive Hay Baling Contractor in the Henderson County area of Texas.  We are anticipating two seperate cuttings of quality… 119 more words


The Clockwork Prince - Cassandra Clare

The Clockwork Prince– Cassandra Clare. Simon&Schuster. United States, 2011

Rating: M (Frequent moderate violence; Supernatural themes; infrequent mild sexual references; infrequent low level coarse language) 28 more words

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Francis Fukuyama on the Future of History

“On March 22, Foreign Affairs Editor Gideon Rose led a conversation with renowned political scientist and author Francis Fukuyama on themes from his decades of research and writing, and the conclusions he drew in a recent contribution to Foreign Affairs, The Future of History. 85 more words

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Francis Fukuyama gives a talk to Foreign Affairs about his new book "The Origins of Political Order" and his own beliefs about the Post-Cold War World. What is most fascinating is that he draws a connection from history to Political Science. States behavior can be explained by their social and historical development, and expresses those experiences in their international behavior. Most importantly, he discusses that with the advent of Globalization, Technology and the example of China, we are coming upon new shifts of direction and value changes not evident at the end of the Cold War. Furthermore, socio-policy or social politics is now becoming more important, as we question the assumptions of post-industrial society (International trade, global capitalism and liberal democracy). However, it is generating a populist backlash from sets of the populations who believed in economic nationalism, social moralism, and isolationism. Definitely want to watch this video!

So, the de facto motto of the United States used to be

E pluribus unum (Out of many, one).

But in 1956 an act was passed to change the motto to…

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Govt Seeking to Settle Debt Obligations

The agreement signed with United States of America for protection of Iraqi funds in different foreign banks in the world, is going to end in the May. 167 more words

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