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It isn’t one sided
It isn’t wrathful
It isn’t revengeful
It isn’t haughty
It isn’t unruly
It isn’t presumptuous
It isn’t careless
It isn’t unexpressive… 52 more words



Something has been lost over the years in God’s church.  But the good news is God is a God of redemption and restoration.  I have observed over my entire adult life of church attendance, that people choose to leave church all too often for the wrong reasons. 1,174 more words

Humility brings repentance in the face of failure.

By David Pearson
BYX Board Member

I’m sitting in bed writing this blog posting at 10:02 p.m., Tuesday evening, September 16, next to my wife. She’s feeding our third child, Sam, who is just 69 days old today. 557 more words

Beta Upsilon Chi

Momentum: Live Faithfully, No Matter What (part 34)

Years ago, the first pastorate I ever had was at a little church in a farming community south of Waco. It’s not there anymore, but I’ll never forget the wonderful experiences I had there—ministering to those people, and learning from them and being blessed by them. 638 more words


keeping things together
rather than apart
the old fence embraces
autumn’s abundance of goldenrod


"I Don't Really Like Denominations."

“I don’t really like denominations.” That sentence has become something I hear on a regular basis…but I think what they really mean is that they do not like that there are different denominations. 1,341 more words


I have one of those personalities that people just really have a strong response to…what I mean is, that people either really like me or they really don’t.  593 more words