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Get Kraken Post Mortem

For the final group project this trimester I was grouped with Corey Underdown and Chris Edwards. The brief for this project was a little different to the previous ones, after listing our favourite genres of game we were told that whatever we make cannot fall into the listed categories. 1,833 more words


History With the Sky

over mountain edging sea
sun contemplates the trees
the trees eat up the sun
they blossom, the rivers run
and wise old rock by time inscribed… 27 more words



As my day is coming to a close, I look back at the good that has happened today.  The fellowship and friendship I have in our office.  385 more words

Level Design

Since post one I have added a few more things! Firstly, I added a basic menu select screen. It looks really bad, but it will do for now. 224 more words


We Are In This Together

Politics and religion, we take one side and disregard the other. This isn’t the world I want to live in. The world I want to live in is a world where people listen to each other and love each other regardless of our opinions. 177 more words


Unity - Separate - Together - Al(l)one

Cut off from the erratic environments this world harbors, at the threshold of the door to eternal stillness. Both feared and longed for, solitude is medicine for the seeker that wishes to hear the Self speak. 732 more words


Commune and Communion

“The deepest of level of communication is not communication, but communion. It is wordless … beyond speech … beyond concept.” – Thomas Merton

This past Sunday, I had the opportunity to visit a progressive/liberal Quaker meeting with my fantastic Quaker friend David.  506 more words

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