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Staying True To The Cause: Family & Loyalty

тнε сяσω: ση łσчαłтч


Instead of talking sports, I will be addressing each and every one of the 1,960 faithful members of тнε ‘вσσѕε and all of the readers who stumble upon this prose.   444 more words

A Marvelous Manifestation of Unity and Diversity

The other morning, a few days ago, I had the marvelous fortune, while on a walk with my wife, and best friend, of capturing the picture shown above. 460 more words

Religion - United we stand, Divided we fall

Normally people ask each other what is your Religion? And the person will reply I am Hindu, Muslim and Sikh etc… but actually this is not the perfect answer to the question. 176 more words

Marathon Relay for Christ 2014

Please watch and share the video of yesterday’s Relay for Good Friday event in Marathon. This event united the christian community in our city. Thank you to all who participated in this memorable day. 61 more words

Parse.com error handling and Unity3D

Adding a cloud database service to your Unity game can allow you to leverage a number of the advantages that a centralised, online and persistent database offers, while relieving you, the small developer, of a number of headaches that typically come with it. 674 more words


176th - 178th day

My mac mini is now all dancing with my perforce/git setup and the game runs on that sad Intel graphics card.

Also nice to spot the differences with minor things, such as the mouse wheel controls and some shaders that don’t map correctly between the systems. 102 more words