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We have to promote harmony between people having different religions and sects

Pakistan has unfortunately been used by other Islamic countries for promoting their religious school of thought since its creation. If we look into our past, I feel surprised to see that in 70s our ladies were more liberal and in parties they used to wear modern dresses and interact with men more frequently as compared with today. 291 more words

First Unity Assets store submission

Yesterday I submitted my first Unity plugin what is called “Simple AI for 2D platformer“.

With this plugin you can make enemies patrol on your scene and you can make them jump too. 36 more words

Drawing The Knot Of Ties In The Mystic Fields

we never know what it takes
what we bring that soon creates
a shift in self to market fate
that ties all knots to reinstate… 23 more words


Assassin's Creed: Unity Review; The Four Musketeers

The first of the current gen (PS4 and XB1) Assassin’s Creed games came out a few months back and unfortunately suffered crippling bugs at launch.  Ubisoft has since apologised in the form of free DLC for those who bought the standard version of the game and a free game from their catalogue (even including… 1,311 more words


We are all equal, all the same people, At least at birth, So much purity & innocence, Some don’t understand its worth, They often let their heart be neglected, Causing their soul to be unprotected, From the evil & sins of the world, Disguised in greed, lust, & corruption, This is not the biblical way to function, No wonder this worlds so cold, No wonder our progress has froze, As a humanity, as a people, as a civilization, I pray for and dream of the day, We are better living, The day the children of ethiopia are no longer hunger stricken, Looking like skeletons, composed of just skin & bone, The day blood diamonds cease to exist in Sierra Leone, The day the youth in 3rd world countries, can live to be grown, The day we end poverty and find a cure for aids, The day we stop killing our own brother, The day kids don’t grow up without a mother, The day we live in a utopia, with continuous euphoria, Wish you could see, feel, and believe the same, Time is of the essence, and we have but one life, The clock is ticking, counting down on your timeframe, Knowledge and wisdom needs to be gained, The time is now to make a change, Don’t let your life pass you by, Don’t let it flow like water, down the drain, Or fall like rain, into the gutter, Letting your existence be washed away, Make an imprint, form a revolution, Don’t be just another leaf on a tree, Another grain of sand, a breeze in the wind, A mere reflection, of what could’ve been, Time for us to start thinking as a we, Be what you want to be, Stop following others, Don’t be something you’re not, Instead of thinking of who its like you want to be, Tell yourself… 6 more words


By Gideon Mutai

A virtue not to be under mentioned
Nor its power understated
As it build many bridges
Over which people must pass… 45 more words

Life Poems