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Earth Angel Insight Day 48- Reflection

Whatever we experience in our “inner state”,  is reflected in our “outer state”. When we make life into an enemy,we are at war. When we enter into alignment with nonresistance with what happens, to let it be, in the moment, we become empowered by the intelligence of Life itself.   27 more words

Earth Angel Insights

Earth Angel Insight Day 47- The Illusion

What if we lived every day from the perspective of a spiritual “BEING”?  The MASTER of duality, where we recognized that our very thoughts create fragmentation and the illusion of separation, as Eckhart Tolle states ‘Every thought implies a perspective, and every perspective, by its very nature, implies limitation”.” Living under the illusion that “I am this and you are that” 60 more words

Earth Angel Insights

Falling Into Love

Everything comes from Zero and goes back to Zero. It never leaves Zero and it always adds up to Zero because that is All There Is. 2,130 more words


Your Light

There is a light inside you. It shines so brightly that often times others are not capable of looking at it directly as it blinds their unstable spirits. 106 more words

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