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Finding Your Flow - Day 7: Finding Consciousness

Today is day 7 of Oprah and Deepak Chopra’s Finding Your Flow Meditation Experience, and it is about accessing the spark, the divine, the beautiful light that we truly are. 172 more words



Surrender to a higher power.

After all this time what other choice is there?

After all the ups were followed by downs, and all the downs followed by ups, and up and down and up and down, what other choice have we got left? 1,651 more words


Sunday Matinee: The Tao of Physics

“Science does not need mysticism and mysticism does not need science but man needs both.”- Fritjof Capra

Greetings Argonauts,

Lemme first say that I am sorry about the delay but I’m hoping for a “better late than never” absolution today. 552 more words

Vid Vault

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Feel the Breeze and Don't Go Back to Sleep!

The above photo shows three representations of the Tau Cross symbolism found all over the world - Mayan, Anasazi-Hopi, and Egyptian. All weekend long the messages have been coming with this symbol – reminding me of my… 289 more words

Universal Consciousness

Turn the Tables (NaPoWriMo - Day 10)

I’ve got limited internet access at the moment, so cannot post every day. I am, however, keeping up with the poem-a-day exercise (as, for me, it is yielding a lot more than poems) so will post when I can.

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If Only

If only I could be,
in the essence
of your voice,
without the longing
of my thoughts.

If only I could be,
aware of this gem, 42 more words


Did you know freedom is your birthright?

Your God-given birthright.

We are born with all the freedom of our true, natural selves: wild animals. But from that moment on, the world gets to work hypnotising us into being narrow-minded, fear-addled Puritans. 739 more words