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An open letter from Rachel Reeves to Iain Duncan Smith: Universal Credit questions that need answering

By Rachel Reeves | Published: OCTOBER 18, 2014.

With thanks to Left Foot Forward

Dear Iain,

At your party conference you announced your intention to “accelerate the delivery of Universal Credit … from the New Year, bringing forward the national roll-out through 2015/16 to every community across Great Britain”. 1,016 more words

Manifesto 2015: how does Labour measure up?

In the second of our series of Workflex posts assessing the likely manifesto pledges of the main political parties, Richard Dunstan looks at how Labour Party policy measures up against our own… 988 more words

Flexible Working

DWP Hardship Payment forms/guidance: JSA/ESA and Universal Credit (recoverable loan)

DWP FOI disclosure of forms and guidance: https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/hardship_payment_application_for FOI request 7 August 2014, disclosures 5 September 2014.

Download hardship application forms
JSA/ESA  (pdf) – view… 105 more words

Jobseekers Allowance

Tax reconciliation errors affect ‘thousands’

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Oh dear…Real Time Information (RTI) the basta*d son of Universal Credit seems to be just as much of a balls up! 657 more words

Some early experiences of Universal Credit

Very few people to date have been through the process of claiming Universal Credit.   One of the housing associations engaged in the early pilots of Universal Credit reports some depressing experiences.  177 more words

Social Security

Why The Tories Want To Ban Zero Hour Contracts ... And It's Got Nothing To Do With Workplace Rights

David Cameron’s conference pledge to scrap exclusive zero hour contracts – which prevent employees from working for anyone else – is not some sign that he actually gives a shit about the poorest and most exploited workers. 436 more words