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Food for Thought-3 Leadership Lessons from Chomskyan Linguistics

Noam Chomsky is known both for his political activism as well as his groundbreaking scholarship in the field of linguistics.  An emeritus professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Chomsky authored one of the definitive ideas in linguistics known as “Universal Grammar”.  393 more words

Food For Thought

Language structure: You're born with it -- ScienceDaily

More evidence that we are not born blank slates, and that language is probably very ancient, developing over hundreds of thousands, if not millions of years. 49 more words


Language Innateness - Jan-Wouter Zwart vs. Dan Everett

Is language innate, is it build progressively from a basic universal grammar? Or does it construct itself imposed by external factors (necessity, society)?
See what Dr Zwart from the University of Groningen and Daniel Everett, from Bentley University, USA. 38 more words


Universal qrammatika

Chomsky-yə görə bütün dillərdə sözlərin semantik özəllikləri cüzi fərqləri çıxmaq şərti ilə eynidir.

Örnəklərlə Chomsky-nin nəyi nəzərdə tutduğunu anlayaq


The necessity of grammatical structures

A great of digital ink has proliferated (I won’t say has been ‘spilled’ because that would imply it was done in waste) about the question of linguistic complexity, and whether it is possible to show in a meaningful way that some languages are more or less complex than others. 1,768 more words