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Universal health coverage: time for an ambitious call for equity in health

By Winnie Byanyima, executive director at Oxfam International on the Oxfam blog

“In the global survey World We Want 2015, health was the first priority of people living in poor countries. 287 more words


New Poem: Sweet Health Care for Every Person

As you know, Obamacare has been fraught with controversy. Avid supporters say that Obamacare has brought affordable health care coverage to millions of Americans. Opponents say that Obamacare has raised health care premiums and hurt millions of Americans. 300 more words

Going Dutch? Pay for yourself!

When James Reilly, introduced the idea of the Dutch system in 2008, it was hailed as a panacea for all our ills (literally). For less than the Irish pay in health care (9-10% depending on how you measure it) we could have a single tier system of health care, with no need to maintain any private health care. 217 more words

Health Care and Stuff...

During the past few months, I have assigned my students to discuss the Affordable Care Act and whether it is a good thing or not.  Typically, when I give an assignment, I don’t give students my perspective at the beginning, because I want students to discuss unaffected by knowledge of how I view the issue. 975 more words


Justice for Justina

I broke an unwritten rule yesterday: Never Venture Anyplace that Might Entail Being Exposed to The Little Rockers.

I took the risk and watched Huckabee… 506 more words


freedom from the state

Or it could simply be freedom people are worried about. As there is no right dependent on labor and efforts of others there is no right to healthcare. 

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As ACA Signups Skyrocket Towards 7 Million Fox News Claims Obama Is Cooking the Books

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As the number of people who are enrolling in the ACA’s private insurance plans surges towards 7 million, Republican Sen. John Barrasso and Fox News Sunday teamed up to claim that President Obama is cooking the books.

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