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He Said That? 12/18/14

From Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin:

I am not going to undermine the hope of achieving critically important health care reforms for this state by pushing prematurely for single payer when it is not the right time for Vermont.

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The Enemy is Us

By George P. Brockway, originally published March 13, 1995

HARDLY A DAY goes by without your being asked by a political party or a news organization or some other public-spirited body to name the three or five or 10 most urgent problems facing America today. 1,734 more words

The Dismal Science

Health care smoke and mirrors!

Health care smoke and mirrors!

As Abbott and Dutton play with our universal health care system, it’s not hard to see their ideologies hanging out   :shock: 569 more words

By Truth Seeker

Fix Our Broken Health Care System!

Our parent organization Health Care 4 All PA needs your help to fix our broken health care system! They recently launched their first-ever Indiegogo campaign.   82 more words


The Bill Cosby Syndrome


In varying degrees we all live in imaginary worlds – fantasy worlds not in alignment with reality – but that doesn’t stop us from trying to make them real. 258 more words

'Ignorant trash': Lena Dunham pimps single-payer (but Obamacare will do for now)

Ah, but that would require doing research first. And Lena Dunham doesn’t have time for that.

The handsy feminist actress recently used her talents to plug Obamacare — with a single-payer twist: 312 more words

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