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Is Music A Universal Language?

It has been stated many times over, and you may have heard it before, music is a universal language. Some people will want to argue this sentiment overall and it’s interesting to see those that do in fact have an opinion on the matter. 374 more words


Poem: Music.

The reflection of one’s life : laughter or Pain
Giving meaning to others through words expressed from the depth of our hearts
Showing intense emotions that moves the soul… 55 more words


Images are Messages in the form of Lessons ...

The Universe speaks to us in messages using images. Within these messages are lessons, answers to questions we may or may not have asked beyond our subconscious mind.    1,287 more words

Be Yourself

Emotions: Let Your Characters Feel

When co-writing with people, I find a lot of people prefer to skim the emotions of a scene—especially the most emotional scenes of the story! They tell me, “The character didn’t want me to dwell on it.” I find that curious, but for me the opposite is true. 1,836 more words

Language Barriers

When you travel, unless you are a polyglot or have the babel fish from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy in your ear, you will have to deal with language barriers. 687 more words


Abandoning the alphabet: Emoji and the new worldwide language

Here’s a full disclosure from this converged communicator. As a professional writer for a large print publication, I am no frequent user of emoji. For those who aren’t familiar with emoji (there is no plural form), these are symbols that cover a wide variety of images and are often added to texts, Tweets, Facebook posts, and the like. 306 more words

Assembling Digital Media