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Is English the ultimate global language? (IETUGL) Part 1

Part 1: Introduction

In February 2012, I proudly handed in my university dissertation – 20% of my final Graphic Design degree. It was entitled “How an increase in world transport and tourism has created a greater demand for concise cross-cultural signage”. 472 more words


Babyl: a short story

As an infant, his gurgling and cooing seemed foreign.

It wasn’t something they could articulate, exactly. His voice just provoked a profound sort of puzzlement in them every time it reached their ears. 737 more words


A name fit for a blog

Bonan posttagmezon! (Good Afternoon–in Esperanto).  Esperanto was supposed to be a universal language, but it never caught on, so instead, I am going to teach it to you, word by word, phrase by phrase. 521 more words

The Universal Language of Comedy Pt. 1

It’s currently essay season at school and I need a laugh. What? You, too?

I have a hard time believing The Office has been off the air for almost a year. 452 more words

Panhandle Pbs

Sign language?

The past two years I have noticed that many people are interested to learn more about sign languages. Most of the things people think they know, are wrong though. 500 more words



A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.

**William Arthur Ward