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The Language That Survived the Tower of Babel

I am 100% sure that there are more people familiar with the story of the Tower of Babel than those who recognize Noam Chomsky. The story of the Tower of Babel is perhaps the most popular theory about evolutionary linguistics. 817 more words


Portfolio Presentation for Gallery Submission: The Universal Language

A subject that is widely asked about is ‘how do I make the best presentation I can to submit to a gallery for consideration? Having spent 30 years of both submitting my portfolio to galleries and then as a gallery owner receiving submissions, the artist presentation has been central to all communications both with artists and galleries. 176 more words


Visual Impressions - A journey to Seattle, Washington State, USA.

A Verbal Pause…

Dear friends,

We are glad to share with you some pictorial impressions from my visit to Seattle in the summer. All pictures were taken by Tamar Kedar. 162 more words

Botanic Gardens

Body Language and Manners

The way you talk, walk, sit, eat, move, blink your eyes, greet people…

Body language is definitely a universal language. Almost everyone can understands it. 86 more words


Universal Language

Get out there and smile today…speak to everyone!!


Is Music A Universal Language?

It has been stated many times over, and you may have heard it before, music is a universal language. Some people will want to argue this sentiment overall and it’s interesting to see those that do in fact have an opinion on the matter. 374 more words