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Kid-sized fun!

Where did the biggest smiles happen for my friend’s 4 and 6-year old at Disney’s Hollywood Studios (Disney World, Florida)?

In a playground, of course! But not just any playground … the… 358 more words


The Pareto Principle - The Law of 80/20

The ‘law of 80/20′ (also called the ‘law of the vital few’) has proved to be an important principle in business and economics. Named after an Italian economist, this principle illustrates the common observation that 80% of effects are produced by 20% of causes. 277 more words

Universal Principles Of Design

Universal principles of design

Book: Universal principles of design

As part of a course in visual design, I’m currently reading “Universal Principles of Design” (Lidwell, Holden and Butler). This book outlines many varied principles that apply to all types of design and creative endeavours. 26 more words

Universal Principles Of Design

Some Universal Principles of Design

Here is a brief description of some Universal Principles of Design by Lidwell & Holden (2010):

Affordance: p.22

  • defines the properties of physical objects and environments that can affect the intended function of a product.
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