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I Love Pictures!!!

Here are some pictures from my super amazing girls weekend.

Tricia Believes in Magic

Like every child who grew up in the 00s, I was obsessed with Harry Potter.  I read the books, watched the movies, and scoured HP websites for hints and guesses of what was to come.  809 more words


American Fun!

This is a bit of a delayed post but I feel like I need to blog about it.

Basically over the summer I spent three weeks in Florida. 483 more words


Fast and Furious: Disney World with the Girls

I’m sitting in MCO waiting, with fingers crossed, to catch my flight and it is entirely too early to be up. I am so, so, so incredibly thankful to my dad for letting me use a standby D3 pass for this trip, but it is slightly stressful when you’re not sure if you’re going to get home. 1,374 more words

Our Last-Minute Orlando Vacation

Back when Mr. Torres and I were dating, he gave me one of the sweetest gifts ever.

We had watched the movie UP together and had spent many hours talking about the adventures we had experienced separately and the ones that we hoped to have as a couple. 319 more words


Christmas in the U.S.A : Hollywood #1


So I headed off to the U.S. for Christmas and thought I would do a little series of posts on some of the places that I visited with a couple of reviews and recommendations of sights and attractions. 423 more words


Answers to the geography quiz

According to BK, the state of the first picture was:

Domestic Peace

And the state of the second was

Blissful Tranquility

Though if you guessed Illinois and Florida, you’d also be correct. 38 more words