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War or Peace?

War. Wars give Government a sense of purpose and good media copy. We do wars well. We have devised weaponry down the generations for face-to-face combat and remote assassination. 380 more words

Political Comment

Do bad people exist?

People often tell me that I’m a good person. I have to wonder why are they saying that. It’s not like I don’t believe that I am a good person. 915 more words

Personal Development


Today I have realized that everything is perfect. Everything exists in perfect order. Nothing needs to be improved or changed in any way. It is all wonderful just as it is. 182 more words



There is a huge spider’s web there,
Several insects and ants crawl into it and get caught for life,
But sadly enough, 65 more words


How big is our planet? Mind blowing comparison!

We are aware that our universe is beyond enormous in size but truly we do not know how big it really is.

We know that the earth is nothing but a speck of a rock in comparison to the rest of the universe, a particle of dust floating in a huge sky. 269 more words

billy charles cantrell, may 5, 1998

May 5, 1998

Billy Charles Cantrell died on April 28th. I hardly knew him, but I had known of him for a long time. He had a waxed handlebar moustache & worked at the downtown post office. 379 more words


Language of Lies

It fascinates how language shapes us, controls the very way in which we think, gives credence to such lies and leaves truth spurting blood-red ink. 364 more words