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Creation: Good But Not Perfect

Genesis 1, verse 1 says, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” (NKJV). After each component was completed the conclusion was, “God saw that it was good.”Really now! 290 more words


A Critique of J D Bettis, "Is Karl Barth a Universalist?"

The question of universalism in Barth’s theology has been raised directly by J D Bettis in his article, “Is Karl Barth a Universalist?” (Scottish Journal of Theology, Vol. 4,244 more words

Scales and Playgrounds: Why you need the Creed. (Creeds for Newbies, part. 2)

Creeds over Confessions

Last week one more friend, one with a graduate degree in theology proudly said, “I don’t say creeds. I’m non-creedal.” This friend is both orthodox and devout in his Christian faith, yet he says, “I don’t want to be bound by statements that limit the faith.” Like so many, he is confusing “creedal” with “confessional.” 776 more words

Liturgical Church


The North American edition of The Quest for a Moral Compass is published this week by Melville House. I am in New York and Toronto to talk about it. 2,286 more words

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The Sheep and the Goats, and Why Jesus Wasn't Talking About the Sinner's Prayer

The first response I usually get from Christians when I tell them I’m a Christian Universalist is something along the lines of “But what about when Jesus says that he’s going to separate the sheep from the goats to go to eternal life/punishment?” They’re referring to Matthew 25:31-46, where it says, 1,017 more words

This morning I have been rereading Tony Campolo’s book Letters To A Young Evangelical and came across this story/quote in chapter 4. This is a topic that I would like to give some time to here @ The Sister Abigail Show.  

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Does God Love Satan?

My buddy Tom Belt has brought up this question once again that we discussed on the old Open Theism Discussion Boards. Really, I wince every time I see pictures or quotes or hear songs of this dual between Lucifer and Jesus where Lucifer is depicted as being “defeated” in some sense that leaves us saying, “Yeah! 255 more words