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Salvation, Penalties and Ologys

In Christianity Salvation is the state of being saved from Sin by Jesus Christ, through his death on Good Friday and resurrection on Easter Day. This is through  117 more words

Hand in Hand

(Traveling from thought to poetry)

I originally wanted these two things to be separate blog posts, but I soon realized, as the title implies, they go hand in hand. 1,037 more words

The Universalism of Pavel Florensky

Pavel Florensky was an early 20th century Russian orthodox priest and theologian, as well as a mathematician and physicist. In 1914 he published a book called… 1,512 more words


A World Away Means We Are Dust

A world away

means we are dust

Showing a sign

Is a leaf in the crack of the sidewalk

Even if I did say

Something stupid… 93 more words


Quote of the Week: Andrew Fraser, "Monarchs and Miracles"

The Crown has always been under a positive duty to protect the spirit of British liberty. That obligation became especially compelling once universal suffrage permitted every elected government to identify its own absolutist pretensions with the will of the people. 97 more words


My Discussion with a Believer in Biblical Inerrancy

I just finished a most bizarre discussion with a Christian who believes in biblical inerrancy.  It started when my brothers girlfriend posted an interesting article on Facebook.   5,682 more words

Parashat Bo 5774 - Rights and Responsibilities of the Firstborn

וְכֹל בְּכוֹר אָדָם בְּבָנֶיךָ תִּפְדֶּה

The narrative of the Ten Plagues closes with the Death of the Egyptian Firstborn and the consequential dedication of all  firstborn Israelites, man or beast, to ‘א. 1,532 more words