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(Human) Aspirations

I want to make a distinction between the vertical and the horizontal. I’m doing this in light of John’s comments about my comments about humanism. 726 more words

Daniel Hayes

The Opposite of Multiculturalism

Via my research, I came across some race relation terms worth noting.  The last race term directly contradicts some other ideas about race.

Follow along with my thought processes: 352 more words

Race, Culture And Behavior

Too good to be true?

“It is impossible to exaggerate the goodness of God.” This saying is from one of my favorite ministers, Bill Johnson.

It’s a wonderful all reaching statement. 456 more words

The Failings of a Democracy

For some weird reason, many in society (particularly in the western world) concluded that democracy is the best model and the only model that a country should aspire to uphold as the ‘ultimate truth’ to live by… 566 more words


It's a Wrap - Oprah's Bell Tour over the Converging Streams Bridge

As the spiritual mud thickens, the direction of once prominent emerging church leaders becomes more clear…

The following is an update to a previous blog posting here at… 139 more words

New Age

The Experience of "God"

This post reproduces the last 8 pages of An Unknown God.   It is divided into three parts to encourage a less hurried and more reflective reading.

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Tisha b'Av here, this year: on hatred, both with basis and baseless (8/2014)

When I resurrect memories of summers observing Tisha b’Av at Jewish summer camp, I first see an array of odd seating arrangements in front of me, or rather, below me. 748 more words