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Universal 2: Holidays

Absence highlights the most important part of holidays—the people with whom you spend them. The days themselves are just another day. But the things you do with people on those days are what matter. 904 more words


Five Universals

After a long stretch away from It’s a Small Word (sorry friends), I find there have been many much things to read and many much things to discuss. 1,326 more words

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Finest Universals Islands of Adventure Pass Handle Timeshare Deals

Finest Universals Islands of Adventure Pass Handle Timeshare Promotion. Discovering the finest Universal Islands of Adventure trip bundle has actually been simplified and more budget friendly then ever from this website. 67 more words

How I Had to Face the Reality that Writing is Writing Thanks to An Essay I Didn't Want To Write

So I know I might seem crazy with my nerdy obsession with poetry, my obnoxiously detailed line for line analysis of rough drafts of poems, an entire blog dedicated to poetry (under the guise/excuse of an assignment—let’s be real I love this junk), and my lengthy (though not lengthy enough) list of rejections due to said poetry obsession. 604 more words



Dear, sweet, kind, busy and creative fellow itsasmallword bloggers – before you read the rest of this blog, please do a small exercise with a peace of paper or your tablet device. 197 more words

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Universals and Essential Universal Rationality

Russell thinks hope of finding reason to believe metaphysical proofs of the essential rationality of the universe is a vain hope (Russell 103). I, however, do not see this to be the case. 970 more words