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‘I love you’

Three simple words

that ripple through your relationship

but continue to resonate as a connective force.

The Language of the Universe

I receive inspiration everywhere, and I allow miracles to happen through me! Tonight, I am sharing the miracle of infinite knowledge after being inspired by random posts on this subject. 932 more words

The Face

I sat silent on a bench…
you sat beside me

I walked a rocky path…
you walked with me

I sailed across a river…
you never left my side… 13 more words


Make sure you're there

What I have with you, I don’t want with anyone else. It has truly been a pleasure having my heart broken by you, patched up and broken again. 93 more words

Jasmine Vasarhelyi

Day 269: If you don't ask...

You’ll never know.  And the worst someone can say is “no”.  You won’t die from hearing the word “no”, unless you’re asking for an organ transplant of some sort and your life depends on someone saying “yes”.   353 more words


Here's what no one tells you about love...

There is a difference between loving someone and being in-love with someone.

And I don’t know how this most basic and fundamental root of knowledge can be forgotten to be shared, but here it is, the truth I’ve learnt from my longest committed relationship of which I thought I was in-love, only to discover, actually it’s just love. 463 more words

Christmas Day

Poem: Positivity


You know all those
People full of doubt
That point and sneer
Full of hate and bile… 48 more words