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Universal Awkward

Okay, first off, I’m not a giant of anything. No fee-fi-fo-fum about it. But whenever I think about marketing, about putting my work out there, I’m all about the awkward shyness, fear, inadequacy but not so much the blushing. 205 more words

Writing Life

Close the Door and Open the Heart

We all have something ¬†pending in our lives, not defined, not finished, not passed over, not closed. ¬†An ex lover, an old friend, a job we left , a lot of things we still think about with regret, with hope, listening to that tiny voice in the back of our heads that says “What If”. 474 more words


the fields of probability

Come with me, let us go on a walk through the fields of probability, to the fountain of unity.

The fields of probability are endless and infinitely varied, they could be called the universe if you like, maybe. 1,121 more words

And it is So Simple....

I apologize, my post is in pictures because my wifi isn’t working. But feel free to read my latest thoughts!

Mental Illnesses

We Need to Ask WHY

While scholars, philosophers, scientists, and anyone who so desires seeks the truth about the universe and its origins, do they ever ask themselves why they search for answers? 862 more words