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Elliott Hulse - Cycles of Life

Anabolic and Catabolic

The circle of life; hence the solar system, the Earth, atoms and their ever revolving electrons. The universe is a series of cycles and a pattern of circles. 281 more words

Think Tank

Problems of Writing a Universe

Sometimes when I am writing things I just stop and run my hands through my hair and throw my hands up in the air and shout: It’s too much! 168 more words


Glory …

Soft summer evening
Twilight brings a
sky of colors…
an explosion in
the Western sky
The Universe is
sharing all it’s… 26 more words

Frequency: more questions than answers

Having recently watched Inner Worlds Outer Worlds  I’ve been visualizing and reflecting a lot on the connections between energy and frequency and vibration and the patterns that make up our material reality (matter/anti-matter). 498 more words

welcome september

The time has come to turn the page. It’s a new day, a new month, a new feeling.

Today is the first day of September and, while it is not officially a new season, it makes the end of the summer and a return to routine. 344 more words



How can two people with such a strong connection…. Just be.
Just sit next to each other every day and be ‘colleagues’

Do the thoughts that run thorough my head ever run through his too? 199 more words

Harvest Moon. #3

This is for a love I have; yet only in my dreams. I hope to always return to him there.

I’m entirely too in love with my imagination; and the dreams I have of him.

67 more words