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The Universe Knows

***An oldie but goodie to share with you today…from 2010…and the Universe still knows…***

I swear The Universe knows when I need something. This has happened ever since Olivia was born. 188 more words

A cross-section of the universe

An image of a galaxy cluster taken by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope gives a remarkable cross-section of the Universe, showing objects at different distances and stages in cosmic history. 531 more words


History Touched

You have called me
To find my way
Deep in desperation
But never led astray
Signals unseen
Frozen in time
Yet still alive
For the lovers to thrive… 94 more words


There's just so much good in the universe.

I recently started following a few blogs on Tumblr that were run by Starbucks baristas who like to rant about work. I enjoyed it at first, but after a few days I stopped reading their posts because, let’s face it, I can’t expose myself to that much negative energy. 927 more words


On hatred

We all know what it feels like to be loved, well, most of us do know and the rest will hopefully know very soon.

It’s all wonderful and peachy, all buying gifts and fighting over who cuts the call first (I have NOT done this!) and texting endless :* to ur lover (this I am however guilty of!). 392 more words

April 22

“The universe is expanding. Look: postcards
And panties, bottles with lipstick on the rim…

…Is it bright?
Will our eyes crimp shut? Is it molten, atomic, 90 more words

The Universe is Change

The universe is change. What I am proposing is not that the universe is changing; rather that the universe is change itself.

Picture source: NASA, STScl