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Your Questions, Their Answers

Your Questions, Their Answers

These two questions I hear often from people taking my workshop and today while driving, in light traffic, a guide popped in and shared his thoughts on these questions. 383 more words



Being content is so weird to me that I’m almost frustrated at the fact that I’m not even sure how or what pulled me out of that dark place. 57 more words

Seeing Differently

All it takes is a subtle shift to change how you see everything.  Einstein explained that he didn’t understand physics because of how some scientists chose to see or describe what it was they were seeing.  269 more words


Bad News for Cosmic Inflation

A paper released today after careful analysis of the CMB (cosmic microwave background) map captured by the Planck satellite have revealed that contrary to the claim by the BICEP2 telescope of polarisation in the photons from the CMB this could be purely due to unaccounted for galactic dust. 497 more words

Positivity and Living

What happens when you focus on retraining yourself to think positive, stay present, stay in gratitude, bring light to all situations, serve your creator and love without conditions? 100 more words


Amazing Universe Picture [ September 23, 2014 at 02:04AM ]

Details: http://ift.tt/XOZ1p9

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