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In the beginning…

The origin story called “the big bang” is clearly marked by modern science’s metaphysical inheritance.


The ancient yogis said the universe
blinks on and off, and many of today’s
quantum physicists believe the same.

A neon sign blinked
outside the hotel window, rundown, 115 more words


My Reality

“Don’t you just love the rain?”

She whispered into my ear,

as she sat softly next to me.

And in that moment,

I fell helplessly in love with her, 92 more words

Prompt #7 - Space to Write!

You are the millions-of-years-old planet Venus. You rotate around the sun in the same relative direction as the rest of the planets in the solar system, but your revolution is backwards as it relates to your solar orbit. 62 more words


A Child of the Universe


Gravitating above and beyond

Shooting flares of light

Spectrums fire the etheric.

Electric currents press

The hidden button

Prompting it to start.

Initiating a decision… 89 more words


Quote by yara t ayoub

You know people from the type of music they prefer to listen to.



The Endless Knot
Buddhist symbol of rebirth
One of the Eight Auspicious Symbols of Buddhism .

And the skies clear now/
Slow warm breathes approach the hydrocarbonaceous atmosphere/ 96 more words