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On This Day In Space History

1930 - Birth of Boris Nikolayevich Belousov –  Belarusian engineer, cosmonaut, 1965-1968

1944 - Birth of Anatoli Ivanovich Dedkov – Belarusian pilot, cosmonaut, 1970-1983

1961 - Changes in Saturn launch vehicle configurations announced : C-1: Stages S-I (1.5 million pounds of thrust) and S-IV, C-2: Stages S-I, S-II, and S-IV, C-3: Stages S-IB (3 million pounds of thrust), S-II, and S-IV. 663 more words


Alternate Universes - Food for thought ;-)

Something that has caught my imagination in the past few days is the concept of alternate universes. Well, the thing is I’ve had a lot of free time in the past few days( well, we all know that few days means almost a year nowadays right ?! 333 more words


Time Travel

Probably every one of us has already thought of travelling back in time to correct some stupid mistakes that we’ve made or check the future to see how we are doing after some considerable amount of time has passed. 610 more words

Part 21: Ambush!

“Oh?” Tyr inquired, raising a sharp brow.

“The Captain fell ill a week ago,” Alex swallowed; the words were thick in his throat. “She was attacked by something…strange while we were docked aboard the Lunar for some mechanical work on the ship.” 1,160 more words


#Day94 - Full Speed Ahead!

Aye Aye fellow Starlit Souls!!

It’s a beautiful (albeit cool) summer day here and I am just getting ready to kick-off the weekend of changes… I feel excited, scared, nervous and fearless all at the same time! 858 more words


It’s an unavoidable question: what is the meaning of life? The struggle to find significance in a seemingly meaningless existence has plagued humankind since it became intelligent enough to philosophise. 465 more words