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status quo-te

I dream a lot. Sometimes they actually come true somehow. Sometimes they are so unrealistic yet so real.

I wonder if dreams are just collision of the conscious of different “me” from different timelines and universes.


Looking for a time traveller from the future

Not even sure if time traveling is possible, but who knows? Someone from the future could be living amongst us right at this moment, maybe technology in the future is so advanced that time traveling is made possible. 60 more words


Late Night Thoughts With No Hope of Sleep

I don’t know how to be a friend, if I’m being completely honest. I don’t know how to start conversations or be kind or how to stay in touch with people. 217 more words

Yoga Vasishta, From

Rama: Teacher, you said that the North and the South kings were moving around various universes. Can you please see them with your divine vision and tell us in which universe they are now living? 189 more words