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Why most MOOCs are boring for nearly everybody involved.

“White-collar professionals, too, are subject to routinization and degradation, proceeding by the same logic that hit manual fabrication a hundred years ago: the cognitive elements of the job are appropriated from professionals, instantiated in a system or process, and then handed back to a new class of workers–clerks–who replace the professionals.”

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Jonathon Rees at More or Less Bunk has an article on why most MOOCs are boring. MOOCs are Massive Open Online Courses and they are currently all the rage. All around the country, universities are adding MOOCs and incorporating MOOCs in traditional classroom settings. Despite the strong push to create MOOCs, there is not a lot of evidence suggesting that they are particularly effective. Rees points out that MOOCs typically retain only about 10% of their students.  Additionally, when students have MOOC elements added to their traditional classes they are also generally less satisfied. Rees argues that MOOCs are probably only useful for people who are already interested in the course material. The key problem with MOOCs is that students watch them on their computers or mobile devices which are tools of mass distraction. Right now, I have two monitors and four separate programs open on my computer. If I found a MOOC boring, I would probably check my email, surf the web, update my Facebook status, turn on a game or make a sandwich. I am still not sold on the idea that MOOCs are particularly effective.

Gender, bullying and TRS

This is again worth highlighting from the British Sociological Association Sociology of Religion Study Group: Mathew Guest, Sonya Sharma and Robert Song, ‘Full Report: Gender and Career Progression in Theology and Religious Studies’ … 209 more words


Don’t flow in the Ocean of other people.

After scaling through the hurdles of WAEC, UTME and POST-UTME, what next?

Now, you’re in the higher institution. 589 more words


Academic productivity - no one best way to manage - but the administrators don't listen?

The ongoing debate about the need for different measures of performance for academics in different disciplines appears to have hit a brick wall. Senior administrators of universities espouse the need for cross- or trans-disciplinary research while at the coal face in Faculties, Departments and Schools administration is largely through bonding and by discipline. 310 more words

Graduation 2014: Latest

Updates from the Ceremonial Front Line

I recently provided a summary of a series of posts related to graduation (reproduced below):

  1. A recent post on graduation challenges…
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Public or private education? That is the question many people consider important when they think about future education of their children or themselves. Which one is better? 458 more words


5 Plaintiffs Reach Agreement With UConn in Sexual-Assault Lawsuit

By Monica Vendituoli

The University of Connecticut announced on Friday that it would pay nearly $1.3-million to settle a federal lawsuit filed by five current and former female undergraduates who claimed that it had mishandled heir complaints of sexual assault.

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Sexual Assault