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Tunghai University 東海大學: Architectural Intrigue and Fresh Ice Cream

I always feel a bit strange walking around college campuses.  After being so accustomed to my own universities layout, secret spots, and hang outs, seeing an alternate take is always jarring.  563 more words


Good Fortune 3

At long last I’m getting around to my recipe for turning the Art Schools back into Art Schools rather than University Departments…you’ll need to scroll back through this blog a few weeks and half a dozen posts to see why. 591 more words

Contemporary Art

Handbags and higher degrees: on working in a British university

You will be massively unsurprised to know that this piece is written in a personal capacity and does not reflect the views of my esteemed employer. 556 more words


Meet eAwards: Awards/Grants Management System


eAwards is an application that assists funding organizations and universities in streamlining their research funding administration process. It is a sucesfull collaboration between eVision and the Quebec Health Research fund. 110 more words


Concerned about privatisation of unis?

Proposal appeared in the same report that suggested new fees on students and the ditching of goals to increase access to unis for disadvantaged students, although it hasn’t received much coverage yet (I’ll talk about it more when it does). 31 more words

...of thrive & flourish...

” ‘Over the hill’ officially begins at age 24, BC study finds”…”Universities have become factories for reinforcing opinions & prejudice”…”Are swears becoming so common they aren’t even profanity anymore?”…”Pope ignores prepared Palm Sunday homily, speaks off-the-cuff before posing for selfies”… 307 more words