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As Moving Day Approaches...

I finally finished my shopping list for university. As I was making lists for different aspects of dorm life, it hit me that this wasn’t going to be like going away to a camp. 172 more words


How To Be A Falmouth Student

It’s officially six days until I leave Falmouth for good, with an actual degree and everything.

Safe to say I do NOT want to leave, or give up my claim to being a “Falmouth student”, so in a last ditch attempt to cling to my time as a carefree, freeloading student, I’ll be writing a few how-to’s, so the next generation will know how to survive here. 11 more words


One Deep Breath

I survived my deferred exams.  I don’t think I did very well in my last one, I know I didn’t, but I got through.  There were moments, when I didn’t think I would. 66 more words


Explaining White Male Privilege to My Father, or, the Struggles of a Postmodern Feminist Twenty-something

By Sara K 

It all started with an ordinary conversation with my dad in which I attempted to explain my major in university. Cultural Studies is a field that seems to defy definition. 1,175 more words

Politics & Culture

Silencing the Voices

Some of us hear voices. No, not the kinds of voices that make for scary movies, but the voices that come from within, the limiting, fearful and accusative. 41 more words


Forever Writing Lists

I write an abundance of lists. I have always loved keeping busy and the best way to help me with this is by writing lists and accomplishing the written tasks in a certain amount of time. 404 more words


He Must Become Greater

God never became lesser than everyone else in spite the world’s victories in life. Let me tell you a story where I saw God’s glory amidst of hurdles. 1,456 more words