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Stolen Kitkats

My friend at uni is from Mauritius and English is his second language. So when a sign in the shop said “choose one” above a big box of kitkat chocolate bars he assumed it meant he could take them for free, rather than merely choosing a flavour and then going up to pay for it at the till. 122 more words

University Life

So...what's so good about university?

Watching those returning to university or beginning the process from scratch has given me a huge sense of nostalgia for the past three years. So much is written about student debts, binge drinking and unemployment that give university and its students a bad name but I feel like I’m now in a good position to explain the best things about moving away to university and why they were the best years of my life so far. 552 more words

As a member of DMC Debate Club, I was selected to join a friendly debate with my two seniors, Davith and Yuthnea, under a topic “Plastic should be banned.”, that was organized by SUSI 2013 team and supported by U.S Embassy. 345 more words


The Only Way to Make Sense Out of Change is to Plunge Into it, Move With it, and Join the Dance - Alan Watts

It’s moving day. Most people who are reading this will be in one of three situations. Situation one: You’re a second or third year, looking back on that first moving day with fondness, and remembering how nerves made your body buzz hours before you touched your first drink. 393 more words

University Life

University Can Be A Funny Place #1

I’ll confess that when I was a student in university, I was not always the most attentive student. There were times when I may even have wavered in and out of consciousness during lectures. 766 more words

So there was a lot of press last month about new laws to try and limit rape on university campuses, particularly a new rule that emphasizes the need for, “affirmative, conscious, and voluntary agreement,” to continuously exist between partners. 152 more words


Westlake International School, Kampar

This post was a long time coming. I was supposed to do a write-up on Westlake International School (WIS) at the end of my internship more than a year ago but time constraint left me unable to fulfill this request made by my on-site supervisor and Vice Principal, Miss Sherry. 1,160 more words