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PMC for combinatoric spaces

I received this interesting email from Xiannian Fan at CUNY:

I am trying to use PMC to solve Bayesian network structure learning problem (which is in a combinatorial space, not continuous space).

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I don't like monster's university

I haven’t written in forever, but I’m coming back to say, I don’t like monster’s university.

That’s how much, I don’t care for that 3d animated movie by walt Disney and crew…it was clearly written by a bunch of animators who wish they went to do a descent school, well you didn’t and that’s probably a good thing, but the college’s you seem to be describing don’t exist anymore. 209 more words

Ulam's grave [STAN post]

Since Stan Ulam is buried in Cimetière du Montparnasse, next to CREST, Andrew and I paid his grave a visit on a sunny July afternoon. 135 more words

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off to Bangalore

I am off to Bangalore for a few days, taking part in an Indo-French workshop on statistics and mathematical biology run by the Indo-French Centre for Applied Mathematics (IFCAM).


God is Good!

“Mam, aku lulus mam.”

Gw telpon nyokap gw setelah gw tau kalo gw lulus thesis defense Jum’at, 18 Juli 2014. Di seberang sana, terdengar suara terharu nyokap gw. 662 more words

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Happy birthday...

So it is now coming to the end of my birthday in which I am no longer a teenager, Now ever since social media, you wait around all day for the messages from everyone wishing you a happy birthday and maybe you get loads and maybe you get few but there are always people out there that care for you and wish you a really good day. 409 more words

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a statistical test for nested sampling

A new arXival on nested sampling: “A statistical test for nested sampling algorithms” by Johannes Buchner. The point of the test is to check if versions of the nested sampling algorithm that fail to guarantee increased likelihood (or nesting) at each step are not missing parts of the posterior mass. 168 more words