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BibTool on the air

Yesterday night, I realised I had about 30 versions of my “mother of all .bib” bib file, spread over directories and with broken links… 265 more words

University Life

Deep Breaths: A Wednesday Supplement

Ah, it’s the first one of the semester. A music post. You know what this means,

it’s that super intense stressful time of year!

or week, at least. 196 more words

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Iron Sky

It’s 3:36am. WordPress is sort of difficult to operate. It is not as user friendly as I thought…

I’m feeling verbose again, after a long, long time. 424 more words

I Have Been Uninspired All Day

(well, at least the bits of it I’ve been awake for)

This is perhaps my fourth go at writing a post today, and unlike days where I write four posts, but only publish one because the other three were not funny, inappropriate or just stupid, I’ve opened the ‘Add New’ tab four times, and sat gawking at a blank screen for fifteen minutes before going to have a nap. 466 more words

I Suck

Hangovers in Edinburgh vs. Exeter

I’m always up for a good night out, whether it’s at uni in Exeter or when I’m home during in Edinburgh. However there is always a part of me when I go out in Edinburgh that knows I’ll regret it the next day, when I’m lying in bed too hungover to move. 217 more words

University Life

5 Ways To Deal With British Bleak

Infamous for its cold, bipolar weather patterns, England is home to thousands of international students who just aren’t akin to such climates.  If you’re sitting inside and look out the window you might think the day is sunny and the weather warm but one foot outside the door makes you change that thought instantly. 595 more words


Young Adult Worship Service is Back for 2014

Looking for a different Friday Night experience?

We hope you’ve all settled in and beginning to make and build strong connections.

Surviving and enjoying your University experience will come down to the connections you make between your housemates, peers, tutors and friends. 101 more words