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Maslow's hierarchy connected to Blackfoot beliefs

I first heard of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs in an advertising course I took in college many years ago. I remember looking at the pyramid and its five layers – with basic needs at the bottom and “self-actualization” at the top – and thinking that self-actualization belonged in the foundation. 728 more words

Germania in Canadia

“I am going to go in front of you, because I am older”.

This is the line our 86 year-old friend uses to bee-line in front of us. 422 more words

Galleria pedway to be powered by Geishas, monkeys

City council has stalled on the $1 billion Galleria project in a bid to find more funding partners. They need sources willing to share the $30 million expense for a pedway leading from Churchill station to a proposed arts venue leased by the University of Alberta. 354 more words


People with chronic conditions want to use e-tools to manage their care: study

By Helen Branswell


TORONTO — A new study suggests Canadians are interested in using electronic communications to help manage their health care, though few are currently using these tools. 425 more words


University of Alberta hires former prime minister Kim Campbell

EDMONTON – The University of Alberta has hired former prime minister Kim Campbell to help create a leadership development program.

Campbell has been named as the founding principal of the Peter Lougheed Leadership College. 101 more words


Pharmacists help to improve stroke survivors' health: Canadian study

TORONTO — Pharmacists have the education and know-how to look after patients and now a new Canadian study suggests that they can successfully manage the health of stroke survivors. 670 more words


University of Alberta research shows new moms accessing health care system

Newcomers to the prairie provinces are having no trouble accessing maternal health care, found researchers at the University of Alberta.

After comparing research sourced in countries like the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Germany, U of A School of Public Health’s Zubia Mumtaz said she was expecting to see societal and cultural barriers restricting newcomers to Alberta from access to local health care after while pregnant. 226 more words